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From the time of ancient ancestors, we have distinguished ourselves by our consciousness within communities, use of tools, and interest in big questions about the cosmos and our lives within it. Even as the means, knowledge, and desire to celebrate life have grown, the big questions persist.

Answering big questions is more exciting now because of exponential increases in knowledge: in the visual, musical, and physical arts, the physical, biological, and psychological sciences, as well as in technology, political economy, and the historical sciences.

Still, we face big challenges to survive as a species…

Whether answers can be found or not, we know at least this: openness to learning from each other is key to getting at them.

The purpose of The Bend Big Picture Book Club is to explore big questions, celebrate life, and have fun with friends old and new.

BOOK CLUB CAVEAT… You DO NOT have to read the book to participate… Most important books are summarized in online videos or short articles. And for each topic, we’ll provide at least 1 summarizing video link and spend time summarizing the topic content as a group during the meeting.


Topic of the Month (TotM) meetings focus on books/topics/questions of significant scope, impact, or interest. Our TotM meetings objective is to Go Big and Go Broad, to cover as many different types of Big Picture topics as we can.

Big Picture Event (BPE) meetings are organized around unique events that happen from time to time. Lectures, movies, plays, music are all in play for these sorts of meetings. The 2017 Solar Eclipse was on our calendar as a BPE. (https://www.meetup.com/The-Bend-Big-Picture-Book-Club/events/236763233/)

My Personal Passion (MPP) meetings are planned and led by members with desire to share interest and learning with others about their passion. MPPs provide an opportunity for sharing and learning more about that completely familiar or weirdly strange thing you’re into... :-)


The Bend Big Picture Book Club is purposed to stimulate conversation about topics that trigger more Awe, Openness, and Connection in our lives...

We look forward to you joining us for discussion, refreshment, and connection!

Upcoming events (3)

ONLINE Meeting... How and Why to Raise Your pH to Reduce COVID-19 Risks

We'll meet online in a Zoom meeting to discuss... How and Why to Increase Your pH (aka, increase Alkaline Levels) to Reduce COVID-19 Risks We will... -- focus first on ways to increase pH so that people who just want to know "what to do" will know quickly -- then turn our attention to the science of why raising pH might be useful for COVID-19 risk reduction. Use the google search phrases below to see for yourself that raising your pH is a credible way to reduce your COVID-19-related risk. -- "COVID-19 ards" @ https://bit.ly/3bwgKYY -- "ards inflammasome" @ https://bit.ly/3dxhoXL -- "inflammasome ph acidity alkaline" @ https://bit.ly/3bujZzV -- "ph hydroxychloroquine" @ https://bit.ly/2vRFImg Hydroxychloroquine is not the only way to raise pH and it certainly isn't the safest. That's why we'll be talking about additional and easily accessible ways to raise pH to reduce inflammation. =============== Click this link to join the meeting... https://zoom.us/j/165588937 I'll be online at 6:30 to assist people with zoom connection issues =============== Resources for the discussion... -- Here's a great 12.5-minute introduction to COVID-19... https://youtu.be/eup3_i_5uaw -- Dr Been provides a 30-minute overview of the role of pH in COVID-19 infection https://youtu.be/yjkPdwlhI8A Stay tuned for updates as the date approaches... =============== You'll need to download Zoom and practice a bit with it before the meeting to comfortably participate. It's easy to learn...

ONLINE Meeting... Spring 2020 Brene Brown Books Deep Dive

Online Discussion Via Zoom

"You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness." -- Brene Brown --------------------- Since the January meetup about Brene Brown's book, Daring Greatly, I can't escape the need to understand all the ideas animating her work. And so, for at least the next 3 months, I'd like to meet with others interested in meeting to talk about her books. I'll put the same energy and effort into each of these meetups that I did for the Daring Greatly discussion. Here's a link to the notes I prepared for that discussion... https://1drv.ms/b/s!ArMZKXqFpfAggeRpIG_M-B5o0C6Mcw?e=uEPVdT The goal... Those who attend all three sessions will have a deeper understanding of the key ideas discussed in Brene Brown's books and how the ideas fit with each other. :-) I'll post info with more details of the February meeting in a few days. -------------------- What you'll need to do to attend... ... Commit to spending a few hours doing the reading or watching the videos announced in the meetup description. No passive participation allowed... -- Be prepared to both listen carefully and share your thoughts openly. No passive participation allowed... -- Have a specific area of your life in mind you'd like to work on -- Bring whatever you'd like to eat or drink Looking forward to establishing more courage with you! :-)

ONLINE Meeting... Why We're Polarized

Online Discussion Via Zoom

Why We're Polarized by Ezra Klein, pub Jan 28, 2020 Amazon Link -->> http://bit.ly/Y-Polarized During the meetup, we'll spend time watching Klein discuss the major memes of his book and then spend time discussing it. From the Amazon description... ------------------------------------------------- America’s political system isn’t broken. The truth is scarier: it’s working exactly as designed. In this book, journalist Ezra Klein reveals how that system is polarizing us—and how we are polarizing it—with disastrous results. “The American political system—which includes everyone from voters to journalists to the president—is full of rational actors making rational decisions given the incentives they face,” writes political analyst Ezra Klein. “We are a collection of functional parts whose efforts combine into a dysfunctional whole.” In Why We’re Polarized, Klein reveals the structural and psychological forces behind America’s descent into division and dysfunction. Neither a polemic nor a lament, this book offers a clear framework for understanding everything from Trump’s rise to the Democratic Party’s leftward shift to the politicization of everyday culture. America is polarized, first and foremost, by identity. Everyone engaged in American politics is engaged, at some level, in identity politics. Over the past fifty years in America, our partisan identities have merged with our racial, religious, geographic, ideological, and cultural identities. These merged identities have attained a weight that is breaking much in our politics and tearing at the bonds that hold this country together. Klein shows how and why American politics polarized around identity in the twentieth century, and what that polarization did to the way we see the world and one another. And he traces the feedback loops between polarized political identities and polarized political institutions that are driving our system toward crisis. This is a revelatory book that will change how you look at politics, and perhaps at yourself. ------------------------------------------------- Video Resources for the discussion... -- 6:30 min interview on The Daily Show ... https://youtu.be/AeeFRr3F1KU -- 8 min interview by Fareed Zakaria on his Sunday GPS show ... https://youtu.be/ohPntIZW27Q -- 71 min interview by Malcolm Gladwell ... https://youtu.be/H1PA7mOhQ4Y -- 81 min interview by Sean Carroll on his Mindscape Podcast ... https://youtu.be/VNqq5TqFDcw

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