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Level 2 Djembe and Dunun Study
Meet new people, have fun learning West African rhythms on the djembe and dunun drums! Drums provided. Level 1 Class focuses on 20 West African Rhythms; Djembe and Dunun parts This class is perfect for you if: You want to learn proper technique on the both the djembe and dunun drums You want to take learn new rhythms for drum circles You want to learn about West African culture If you stick with this level: You can learn all five parts for 10-20 traditional West African rhythms. Lesson Cost (Helps pay the rent for the studio space): Drop in Cost: $15 Most Economical Deal: $50 for 5 consecutive weeks (you miss a class-no makeup class) or $90 for 10 consecutive classes. $110 for 10 class punchcard $60 for 5 class punchcard Bring a friend and they purchase a package-YOU receive a FREE class! Business related jobs available for tuition reduction at $15 for 90 minutes. Please Inquire: Trades also accepted at $15 a class value (e.g. marketing etc. 5 classes=$75 = 1 massage) Level 1A class (0-1 years experience on djembe and dunun) Level 1B class (0-2 years) Learn a new language communicating on the djembe with hand technique, rhythm patterns, tones and traditional rhythms that have been played since the 15th century in West Africa. Introduction to dunun drums. Before moving to Beginner Level 2 or 3 classes, please demonstrate an ability to play the Djembe and Dununs on 10 rhythms such as. David Visiko is the instructor who has studied for the past 10 years and taught for the past 6 years. His main teachers include Bobby Bovenzi, Grand Master Mamady Keita, Grand Master Famoudou Konate. David has studied with Mamady and Famoudou for two weeks in a San Diego Mini-Guinea; studied with Famoudou for four weeks in Guinea, Mamady for 2 weeks mini-Guinea in Sandeigo, and 1 week in Guadalajara. David's first instructor was Bobby Bovenzi who he studied for four consecutive years and performed in the Corvallis Nan Nkama drum and dance troupe for four years. Over the past 6 years, David has orchestrated Fe Fanyi Drum and Dance Troupe in Bend, Oregon. David has studied with multiple weekend workshops and day long classes with various West African Drum Instructors from Guinea, Mali and Senegal.

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Welcome to Bend West African Drum and Dance Meetup Group!!!! I decided to start this group because I wanted to share my love for playing, teaching and performing West African rhythms. I also wanted to provide a space for people who are interested in playing, studying, performing the djembe, dununs and West African Dance. Whether you have never touched a drum, are an advanced student, or just enjoy the culture and rhythms of West Africa, I hope you find this group a place to get your drum on!

This is an excellent fit if you are looking for:

Social opportunities to meet new people

Enjoy West African culture, food, history, and tradition

Have never played a drum all the way to an advanced player

Enjoy listening to ethnic drumming and dancing performances

Interested in taking drumming or dancing classes

Want to keep informed of Guest dancers and teachers

Want to have fun playing drums (drum circles, jams, classes etc.)

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