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What we’re about

Meet local people interested in standardized and future (Semantic Web) Internet technologies aimed at turning the Web into a huge repository of cross-referenced, machine-understandable data and executable artifacts, processes and services. We envision and debate how the emerging social, semantic, pragmatic, multimedia Web mediates the ways in which we construct mutual understanding, shared meaning, and knowledge-based collaboration. We address Semantic Web / Web X.0 technologies and applications that help to develop or that use ontologies, controlled vocabularies and rules systems on the public World Wide Web and in the enterprise - as Corporate Semantic Web with valuable business models behind it. The Berlin Semantic Web Meetup group provides common ground for dialogue at the nexus of these topics. WE INVITE YOU as a practitioner, decision maker or researcher working on these challenges or having an interest to join us in the Meetups to share your work, and to come and find out what others are doing. This is an emerging network of people exploring the intersection of established intellectual traditions and the fast changing Web: come and help shape the community!