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Our group rides every Saturday on various trails around Atlanta. Most are mountain bike rides at Blankets Creek, Rope Mill, Chicopee, Harbins, Hard Labor, and several other great trail systems in our area; we'll also squeeze in a road ride or two each quarter at Arabia Mountain, Silver Comet, etc.

Most riders in our group ride at an intermediate level, though basic and advanced riders are welcome, so feel free to come out to show your skills and make some new friends!

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Mountain Bike Ride - Blankets Creek

Blankets Creek Mountain Bike Trails

About The Trail: With several different trail systems, Blankets Creek has been a favorite in GA for years. The trails cater to a variety of skill levels, and we usually ride the easier ones first for a total of about ten miles, then those riders who want to ride one of more of the the harder trails. Skill Level: Intermediate Meeting Times/Directions: Please meet by noon at the trailhead next to the bathrooms. To get there, take 575 East to Sixes Road. Exit left over 575, then drive for about two minutes to the parking lot on the left. FYI: I drive a white Toyota Sequoia and normally have two or three riders with me. See you on the trails! Charlie

Mountain Bike Ride - Harbins Park

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About The Trail: Harbins is a wonderful riding area with three different trail systems with lots af flowing singletrack, whoops, a beautiful scenery. We'll do a total of 18 miles, culminating with the great whoops section. Ride Level: Intermediate Meeting Times/Directions: Please meet by noon in front of the rest rooms on the right side of the parking lot. To get there: From I85 North, take SugarLoaf Parkway east for about 15 minutes, then turn right at New Hope Road. Drive for about 5 minutes, then turn left onto Luke Edwards Road. The park is on your right about a half mile down the road. See you on the trail! Charlie

Fort Yargo

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About The Trail: Fort Yargo State Park is a 1,816-acre state park. It includes a 260 acre lake, a large swimming beach, fishing and boat ramps, and 20.5 miles of hiking and biking trails. About The Ride: Distance = We'll do a 10+ mile loop around the lake to start Time: Budget 2+ hours for the initial section, more if you want to bike some of the additional trails Skill Rating = Moderate Directions/Meeting Place: Take 85 North to 316 East for ~ 15 minutes. Turn left at Highway 81 (you'll see brown signs for the park). The park will be a couple minutes up the road on the right. Please meet at the Visitors Center. See you on the trail! Charlie

Mountain Bike Ride - Yellow River

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About The Trail: Great for all types of riders, Yellow River has a large array of trails ranging from flat, flowing trails along the river to rolling hills and long descents. We'll start with several of the flatter trails on the river side, break for a snack, then those willing will move to the slightly more intense trails with twisty climbs and long - though not steep - descents. That said, there are no major roots, drop-offs, or other big obstacles typically associated with mountain biking, so you have zero excuses and need only minimal mountain biking skills to ride this trail. Beginner riders will definitely enjoy a loop or two. Ride Level: The trails at Yellow River are excellent for beginner riders who are just learning to ride dirt or for experienced riders looking for a quick ride. There are a multiple loops and cut-offs - and you are never very far from the parking lot - so you can ride as much or as little as you want. Meeting Times/Directions: Please meet by noon in front of the rest rooms on the right side of the parking lot. To get there, take GA 20 East, turn right at the first exit after Stone Mountain, right at the first fork, left at the second fork, then a right onto Juhan Road about a mile later. A mile or so in, you'll see the park on the left. Pass the first park entrance and take a left at the stop sign at the top of the hill into the parking lot on the right. I drive a white Toyota Sequoia and usually have three people with me (who don't always RSVP!). See you on the trail! Charlie

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Mountain Bike Ride - Rope Mill

Rope Mill Park

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