What we're about

The Birmingham Wiccans (Wiccan Federation) is a straightforward first port of call for those in the West Midlands who are interested in Wicca. It is city branch for Birmingham for the Wiccan Federation which is one of the major forces within the Wiccan tradition in this country.

The group has the following objectives

1) To allow Wiccans to connect with like minded individuals through our network of Watsapp groups including one for Birmingham and surrounding areas.

2) To offer training online through the 13 Knots course, and face to face training for those who progress to joining a coven.

3) To allow members to meet like minded individuals who are interested in the tradituon in pub and coffee shop based meetings in Birmingham and through Zoom conferencing for Birmingham Wiccans and other members around the UK

4) To provide a way for individuals to join a Wiccan coven, facilitating the practice of Wiccan rites.

5) To allow those interested in Wicca to meet with others interested on a national basis particularly on Dartmoor.

6) To provide access to written material on Wicca that is written from the perspective of those practicing in a coven setting to ensure that new members understand how experienced Wiccans practice.

The group provides a straightforward access point to the Wiccan tradition and we are dedicated to facilitating access to initiatory coven Wicca for all seekers.

Our Order website is below

http://ootham.wordpress.com (http://ootham.wordpress.com/)

We also run a major Wicca website at

http://www.wicca.org.uk (http://www.wicca.org.uk/)

The Wiccan Federation and its associated covens also hold a number of events not on meetup which are for the members associated with the covens. Although the covens are spiritual groups they are also groups of friends and hold their own gatherings.

We try to avoid bringing members to events in private houses who are unknown to our network unless they are with a friend we know. Additionally we are a group for Wiccans. Our focus is on those seeking to join the Wiccan path.

The group is also limited to the over 21s. We have special arrangements for those who are 20.

Upcoming events (4)

Introduction to the 13 Knots Wicca Course

Online event

This is the intoduction to the 13 Knots Wicca Course starting on 9th April 2022. Attendance is open to any member of this Meetup group who wishes to find out more about our courses.

The 13 Knots is a Wiccan training course running over three years supported by the Wiccan Federation. We will be starting a new course this spring and this event is for members who want to find out more and see if this course will help them on their spiritual path.

This course covers many of the key areas important to Wiccans and explains some of the mysteries within the tradition and practice. The course is split in to sections. The first two knots, or course lessons, are open to all.

This event will be a review of the course books that will be used. There will also be an explanation of the structure and content of the course.

The event will be Zoom based and we are expecting to run the first nine knots/lessons as a set of Zoom events.

Please note that attendance at this event is arranged through our Watsapp groups and the location will not be released here. Access to our Watsapp groups is below.


This course is planned to be available through face to face events for London based members.

If you don't have any contact or are unhappy in any way please text/call
(preferably text)[masked] and we will contact you via WhatsApp to deal with any issues.

The Wiccan Tarot School Part 3 of 3: Tarot Spreads

Online event

Wiccan Tarot School: Part 3

The Wiccan Tarot School: Reading Tarot Spreads

This is the tird part of a three lesson course in reading the tarot. Each lesson is planned to take between one and a half and two hours. The lessons are expected to take place at approximately monthly intervals.

In this lesson we will look at reading tarot spreads. This school is run by London based Cochranian Wiccans but is designed to be applicable to other Wiccan lineges including Alexandrians, Gardnerians and Dianics. It will also be applicable to those witha general interest in tarot. It will be delivered over Zoom.

We will begin by looking at the correspondences of the major and minor arcana which are required to be understood to complete readings.

We will use a number of different spreads including three card speads, five card spreads and the Celtic Cross.

There will be an opportunity for those who complete this course to proceed to more advanced study with the Wiccan Tarot School. This will depend on mastery of the material in this course and the ability to work with both the Major and Minor Arcana.

In order to join this course you will need to join the Wiccan Federation WhatsApp groups. You will then be joined to the group for this event. You can join the Wiccan Federation through the link below.


Birmingham Wiccans Meetup

Eat Central

There will be a meet-up held to producs self protection amulets.

Birmingham Wiccans Meetup

Sainsbury's Café

There will be a meet-up held to deal with general problem solving and requests.

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Birmingham Wiccans Meetup

Sainsbury's Café

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