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Created 2009 | Market Tested 2010 | Incorporated 2011


Created in 2009 in New York City, The Black Mastermind Group (tBMG) accelerates the growth and development of black preneurs and leaders utilizing mastermind principles to achieve innovative levels of success in their career or business. The Black Mastermind Group maximizes the human and intellectual capital of masterminders by providing the tools and support needed to help each other meet and exceed their goals.


To be a leading-edge lifestyle brand transforming the way black professionals socialize, network, and do business.

Why Join a Mastermind Group

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, states “Analyze the record of any man who has accumulated a great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously, or unconsciously employed the ‘Master Mind’ principle.

Dr. Dennis Kimbro, author of Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, states “Black America, the entire world is demanding a group of pioneers who have the capacity to conceive bold new plans, new ideas, new visions; black men and women who have the courage and initiative to blaze new trails.”


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