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Black Social Network of St. Louis (The UNCLUB Party)

You are one step closer to being a member of the fastest growing NATIONAL social network in the US! And why is it so popular? Well, there's two reasons. First, because the BSN involves YOU! The BSN works because YOU have direct say in what we do as a group! You want to go to the movies this weekend? POST IT! You want to go to a concert in a few weeks? GREAT! LET'S DO IT, WE'LL HELP YOU ORGANIZE IT! The second reason is....IT''S FREE!!! The Black Social Network is a culmination of exciting casual and professional local activities from people and for people of color like you and me who just want to get out occasionally and have a good time with like minded people. If you're single, I'm sure you'll meet someone. If your married, I know you both will walk away with some fun memories and some new friends! What about kids? Oh there will be plenty of Family events for all. Whether it's bowling at North Oakes, skating at Skate King, Laser Tag in St. Charles, marathons in Forrest Park or sky diving in Belleville, the BSN will embark on events that not only you will find exciting and entertaining, but I guarantee will enrich your mind, better your health and will redefine the strength of the Black community. There will be small events and large ones.

Are we all about fun....uhhhhmmmm...NOT! Our events will include many opportunities for your direct community involvement, from getting behind legislation or candidates that directly affect our children's education in embattled communities like Normandy, Riverview and St. Louis City to ensuring fair policing of our communities. This is our family and we will do our part to taking care of our own when called upon. But what kind of NETWORK would we be if there were not other cities involved???? OH did I forget to mention that because we have other groups in other cities the BSN is even MORE AWESOME???? Say it ain't so! Yes, we will serve as eventual hosts to fun weekends here in the Lou as we also have the opportunity to travel to other host cities to be apart of their fun local activities like The Taste of Chicago (BSN Chicago), Jazz in the Gardens (South Florida African Americans 4 Fun) and New Year's Eve in Downtown Manhattan (BSN New York), Want to know more about this new group? Send me an email, or better yet, JOIN NOW, IT'S FREE!! Or if you want to see how this is working? Visit South Florida African American's for fun! Reach out to the members. I'm sure they'll let you know how great this group is! That way YOU can tell ALL of your friends how awesome this group is going to be!


1. Profiting from events is not allowed. Party promoters have an option to pay for a sponsored ad. Anyone posting events where they are not directly engaged with our group at an event will be expelled. For more information of sponsored ads please contact the organizer.
2. All ethnicities are welcome! Please respect our goal of bringing African American’s together in positive social experiences.
3. Be respectful to ALL members at ALL times. (Drama will be met with expulsion. So, if you can’t hold your tongue or your liquor, try another group.) 4. No selling. No Marketing. No Pyramid Schemes (That includes all Multilevel Marketing events.
5. Share your religion, but don’t FORCE your religion. 6. Share your politics, but don’t FORCE your views.
7. YOU MUST BE A MATURE ADULT TO JOIN. 8. You have to tell any and Black people you know to JOIN! So, are you ready for some FUN??? JOIN UP!

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IT'S COMING!!!! It isn't here quite yet, but when it does come, I want EVERYONE IN BSN TO BE READY TO PARTY LIKE IT'S 2008!!!! Let the world know, this party will be YUGE!!!!

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