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As we go on our journey to understand relationships, particularly in this modern world, we probably should take a step back to define what we mean by ‘relationships’. Traditionally one person had to fulfill all roles, from cook to lover through breadwinner & home maker. Now are we more open to lots of friendships of different intensities? Or sexual partnering? And.... and.... and....!

In this Black Umbrella Society meetup we will have an open, non-judgmental discussion on rules in relationships. If it is anything like the previous ones, it will definitely be eye opening - and useful!

We gather 1830 - 1900... then we'll have a chat that will kick off with some short talks (5 - 10 mins) and then dive into questions, insights, provoking and challenging debates, etc. We will have drinks too :)

And for those interested, we usually head for a drink afterwards too.