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When Relationships Go Wrong

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Oberwallstraße 6

Oberwallstraße 6 · Berlin

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Rent24 - 3rd Floor

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All too often the stories of relationships are told through rose-tinted glasses. The good bits are played up and the not-so-good bits... hidden or played down. Yet it would be good to know the warning signs of things not working, whatever those reasons might be. How do we bring up the conversation? How do we avoid making things worse? How do we know what we want, and what others want, and maybe work out a solution. After all the only way to celebrate with Wood (5), Aluminium (10) or Silver (25 years) is to survive the first months and years.

In this Black Umbrella Society meetup we will have an open, non-judgmental discussion on rules in relationships. If it is anything like the previous ones, it will definitely be eye opening - and useful!

We gather 1830 - 1900... then we'll have a chat that will kick off with some short talks (5 - 10 mins) and then dive into questions, insights, provoking and challenging debates, etc. We will have drinks too :)

And for those interested, we usually head for a drink afterwards.