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What we'll do:

Discuss how Blockchain is revolutionizing the Gaming industry by offering better values to gamers and the opportunities that open up as a result, for Developers.

We will also discuss some of the Blockchain structures that have adapted to solve the Blockchain scalability issue to meet the Gaming need for faster transactions.

Hear the perspectives of startups, game designers, instructors, lawyers and more.


6:30pm to 7:00pm: Networking

7:00pm to 8:30pm: Speakers Presentations

-Introducing The BlockchainHub + Updates: Blockchain for Kids, Blockchain Recruitment Day, CFDev ( Hyperledger Fabric course coming up on June 22nd), AI Hive and more....

-Carl Goodwin: Senior Blockchain Engineer, Graphene Technology Blockchain Certification (CGDev) Instructor at The BlcokchainHub/York University +Q&A

-Farwa Kazmi: Founder & CEO of Explorux, Head of Product Design at Blockchain Market Inc., Advisor: MyCryptoHyppo ( Kids learn to invest in cryptos through gaming)

-Chetan Phull: Blockchain & IT Lawyer ( Blockchain gaming Representative with familiarity with legal issues involved)

-Emal Safi: Co-Founder, AirCoins (The Pokémon GO of Crypto); Co-Founder of Travel Coins Corp

-David Schirmer: Co-Founder and Community Director at Metalyfe (Blockchain Gaming platform that allows Gamers to earn while playing)

-Nick Swosun: Community Manager at Elastos ( Blockchain Gaming Platform)

8:30pm to 9:30pm: Panel Discussion & Q&A

Stay tuned for more information!!!