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The mission of this Meetup is to get you on the dance floor and get you moving--at your own speed, in a welcoming space, where everyone is struggling with something. People who feel vulnerable in these spaces often opt out of them altogether (and it's not because they don't want to be there)--as a nearly 6' tall woman, who was once 80lbs heavier, and who has had some personal health challenges, I speak from personal experience.

At the first Body Acceptance Dance Party, there will be a limited number of people who can attend (no more than 20), and each will send me a song they want to dance to (no longer than 5 minutes in length)--a song they love. Classical, hip hop, pop, whatever makes you want to move, and whatever style of movement feels right. (You want to dance on point to Kanye? Go for it. You want to pop and lock to Beethoven? Do it. You want dance like Bob Fosse to Ariana Grande? No one is going to stop you--they'll probably join you--though they might feel like Vogueing, doing the Superman, or just waving their arms in the air. It's all good.)

The party will be 2 hours long, and each and every song title that is sent to me in advance will be played. We're the collective DJs. There will be no set choreography: this is a dance party.

This Meetup is an exercise in creating community around our individual vulnerabilities, leaving your inhibitions and judgments at the door...listening to the music (yours and everyone else's), improvising physically, and letting it go. Wear what you want. Move how you want. Or sit it out if you need a break or aren't feeling a song.

If there is sufficient interest, I hope to make this a weekly event. The fee associated with attending is to cover the cost of the rental space for two hours ($5 per hour, per person).

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