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MEETING: MARCH 17, 7:00 PM, ST. PATRICKS DAY KELLER ROUND HOUSE 107 WEST VINE STREET KELLER, 76248 GUEST SPEAKERS: Representative Stephanie Klick, District 91 Steve Atwell: State Republican Executive Committee Representative During the 83rd Legislative Session, Representative Klick was appointed to serve on the Committees of Human Services, House Elections Committee, and Rules and Resolutions. She was also elected to serve as Chair of the Tarrant County Delegation. Steve Atwell serves Senate District 9 as our representative to the State Party in Austin. Mr. Atwell has years of experience with the Republican Party beginning with his days as one of the founders of the Young Republicans at Texas A & M. There is such a huge interest in the presidential elections and some state elections I felt it would benefit all to have a meeting devoted to answering the questions of the voters. The misinformation mills are running full speed. The confusion will only get worse after the next Super Tuesday, March 15. Bring your questions to this meeting. Both, Representative Klick and Mr. Atwell are long time Republican Party members and have had years of experience with rules for the elections. Representative Klick held the office of Tarrant County Chair before being elected to the House. I will add other speakers to this list who will also have helpful information. More information to follow on additional speakers. The purpose of the Boiling Point has always been to educate and inform . The next step is to get involved. This meeting may offer more opportunities to "get involved." As always, candidates for the runoff are invited. God bless America and our troops, Marie Howard [masked]

The Round House

107 West Vine St. · Keller, TX

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    This is a critical time for our nation and certainly historical. We have become the servants to the elected officials instead of the masters. Congress must become fiscally responsible.

    TRUE THE VOTE - Stop voter fraud, purge illegal voter registration records for a Fair Election in 2012.

    Our intention is to support those elected officials who represent our conservative goals for this country. They are:

    -protect our constitution - no Sharia Law-

    -stop the spending

    -improve our health care system

    -enforce our immigration laws and tighten our border security

    -reduce our dependence on foreign oil

    -promote workable solutions to address local transportation needs

    -ensure our national security and strengthen our Armed Services

    -provide economic security and growth through tax relief and reform for all Americans

    We will be going door to door working for conservative candidates and reaching out to our fellow conservatives. Becoming precinct chairs, working our precincts, engaging the youth to get educated and involved, making phone calls, walking our neighborhoods, registering legal voters, writing letters to congress, going to rallies, doing presentations to groups and setting up a network of patriots that ACORN would be jealous of. If anyone reading this has anymore suggestions, please share.

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