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What we’re about

  • HONOURABLE MENSCHEN -Toronto Central is a Live Local Arm of, an On-Line Global health, wealth and wisdom-oriented social networking service and a Professional Services, Co-venture Opportunity Directory, and Advice Source for professionals and the public that is currently being created.

  • Our members must live up to the standard of being fine human beings.. Honourable Mensches..

  • We have meetings, that we call LINKUPS, that are in-person events that complement our online platform by bringing together fine individuals who want to create significant new relationships and support one another in our endeavours.

  • Each of us will offer what we can, to help other members, and ask for what we need and are looking for, from other members.

  • At the events you'll meet these people, MENSCHES, who are enthusiastic about being healthy, wealthy and wise for the rest of their days, and who possess a wide range of unique experiences, ideas, and skills. Kernels of Practical Wisdom, Strategies and Inspiration are exchanged each time we meet.

  • We get together regularly to work on important projects, initiatives and causes. We learn about what each other does and wants to do, who we are as individuals and community members, and support and help each other reach life, wealth, health, career, and purposeful living goals.

  • Unlike some networking events which are poorly attended, lack structure and are populated by people with widely different levels of commitment, and  intentions‚ our LINKUPS are focused to help MENSCHES Only {honourable people) get going, and keep going and growing in their areas of interest and careers, find co-creators, and be prosperous and vital. We bring vast life and work experience to what we do.

  • If you are looking for work, working and planning to continue to work, and want to form incredible new relationships, are interested in creating and co-creating new ventures and/or working on community/volunteer projects, want to help others…

  • Or, if you are a retired professional and want to form incredible new relationships, want to be 'semi-retired', are interested in creating or co-creating new ventures, mentoring, and/or working on community/volunteer projects and want to help others…

  • And you want to lead a healthy and meaningful life..

  • Then HONOURABLE MENSCHEN is for you.

  • Our website, will provide support and promotional services, including a significant Professional Services and Co-venture Opportunity Directory with detailed descriptions of members services and products for consumers, and details of projects, business ventures, and causes for members who are seeking, or want to be, co-creators, mentors, or volunteers.

  • As of today our core membership is 700 MENSCHES. We plan to expand to other North American cities in 2022.

  • If this description of who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what is important to us, resonates with your needs and wants, you can find out more and join our Real World LINKUP Group.

  • To join our Local LINKUP group simply click the "Join" button. Then complete the brief Profile Questionnaire. It must be fully completed and will be sent to an organizer for review and approval. You will then receive an email and be able to RSVP and come to our next LINKUP and as many others as you want.

  • To join our Global On-Line Global  Network you will be able to go to in the near future and click the "Join" button. Then complete the brief Profile Questionnaire. It needs to be completed fully and will be sent to an organizer  for review and approval. You will then receive an email and be able to complete your Directory listing and begin receiving your newsletter.

  • If you have questions, or want to chat, please call me.

May You Be Well And Prosper,
Joel Simms,


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