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Making new friends…building new lives. We’re boomers and we’re different... we're single through no choice of our own. This group provides a way for active single boomers/seniors to get together and have fun, talk and share, to have conversation where it’s ok to mention a spouse or a good memory without feeling that no one else understands or worse, no one else wants to hear it. We're all about having a good time in a comfortable environment. We’ll support and uplift each other, share some laughs, enjoy brunch, lunch or a happy hour, maybe a movie or event… the group can decide. Mostly it’s a group of like-minded folks who share a common life event, friends just waiting to meet each other. We want to enjoy life, a new life that we are forced to make for ourselves. It’s not easy but we will drive down the road…together. Some of us have probably been doing this for a longer time than others. It doesn’t matter how long you've been a widow/widower because this building a new life thing is a continuous, ongoing journey. Don’t feel upbeat and talkative? So come to a group gathering and just listen… we “get it”. Sometimes it’s just good to get out of the house even when you really don’t feel like it. We’ll be happy to see you no matter what mood you are in. If you are a widow or widower or someone who has lost a life partner, and you are a boomer/senior… well don’t just sit there… join the group. (What this group is not: A singles dating group, a bereavement, grief support or counseling group, or a venue to advertise your product or service.)

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Valentine's Lunch - Carie's House - Arlington

Needs a location

Once again Carie has been gracious and offered to host the Valentine Lunch at her beautiful home in Arlington. I will post the address here the week before the event... its near Arlington Ridge Road. Bring a lunch item to share - pasta, fruit, salad, etc. and we will provide a dessert and beverages. Please do not bring something Carie has to heat up... let's make this easy for her. If you do not want to make something then purchase something... the deli always has great items. Plenty of parking in her driveway or on the street. Once again I ask you to only RSVP yes if you will attend... its not fair to save a place then last minute cancel or no show.

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New Years Day Brunch - My House - Alexandria

Needs a location

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