What we're about

We are Borg.

Resistance is futile.

Your life as it has been

Is over.

From this time forward,

You will service



This group is for Borg enthusiasts who wish to expedite their inevitable assimilation into The Borg. Our Collective will periodically assemble, dressed fully identifiably as Borg whenever feasible, and descend en masse upon unsuspecting human destinations of our choosing, engaging in social human activities such as pub crawls, parties, flash mobs, and reproduction. Our prime directive is to boldly assimilate new Borg.

Past events (5)

Collective viewing of "Star Trek: Locutus" premier

Federation Brewing

Cosplay Fashion Presentation

Oakland Museum of California

Breaking Bay To Breakers

Bay To Breakers

Subvert The San Francisco Star Trek Convention

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

Photos (15)