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Meet others interested in all aspects of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Gather to discuss Development, Standards, Networks, Marketing, Promotion and Business opportunities using AWS. Our group is more technical, so we look for relevant topic matter, and stay away from sales presentations. This Meetup is open to anyone interested in learning more about Amazon Web Services!

And now for some details...

Upcoming Scheduled Meetups: In general, we meet once a month, from 6:30-9pm, with 6:30-7pm for networking and food, and 7-9pm for presentations. Presentations are usually 40min each. And a meetup with this group does Not have to fall on our regular schedule, we are more than happy to schedule additional meetups in a month.

Attendance: We usually have an attendance of approx. 30-60+ depending on location and topic - and we normally hold these Meetups in the Boston area - however, we are branching out to other areas/facilities. Our attendees are generally in the middle ground between novice and expert, with many in the dev/ops space. If an RSVP list is desired, this can be provided to the host sponsor, however, it ONLY includes the member's Meetup profile name (may not be their real name) and profile link - it does Not contain direct email contact info.

Presentations: If you wish to present, contact the moderator at awsmeetup@extremereach.com. Suggest a topic and an upcoming meeting(s) that you would be available to present. Then we will need an abstract of the presentation (title and descriptive info) and a bit about the presenter (brief bio, just a few words). We generally have 2-3 presentations/presenters per Meetup without repetition from recent past meetups. If 2 presentations, then these are usually 40min with Q&A. Usually the main sponsor is provided the choice of topic and presentation slot.
Our attendees are looking for technical depth and NOT a sales pitch - so please keep this in mind when proposing and creating your presentation. Sometimes it is what you don't say that is important - for example, if you wanted to expose the need for your solution, you can point out all the Amazon-native methods of solving a problem, and in the presentation it becomes clear that an additional solution is needed. Again, we stay away from sales presentations.
It’s important that speakers speak loud and clear, in the event a PA system is not available. Also, when questions are asked, the presenter should repeat the question so that all can hear and understand the context of the answer.

Presentation - Slides: Usually there are requests for slides after a presentation. We request that presenters post a link to the slides used, as a comment in the applicable Meetup event page. Any comments go to the entire group of subscribers (who have notifications enabled).

Sponsorship: A sponsor (location/food) has their logo posted on our Meetup site with link to their site, and is provided time during the Meetup to address attendees. Please see this link (http://www.meetup.com/The-Boston-Amazon-Web-Services-Meetup-Group/sponsors/) for examples.
For help with identifying WHEN would be a good meetup to sponsor, review our upcoming meetups, looking for events not yet sponsored. And, you can always suggest an additional meetup, supplementing our regular monthly meetup. Special events are welcome.
Review the upcoming meetups first (http://www.meetup.com/The-Boston-Amazon-Web-Services-Meetup-Group/), then reach out to the moderator at awsmeetup@extremereach.com

Sponsorship - Food/Drink: We really appreciate our food sponsors and provide them extra time in self-promotion. Food and drink selection is up to the sponsor. Usually a mixed assortment of pizza and salad works well - but this is up to the sponsor. Pretty simple fare for this crowd - and usually no alcohol (but optional if the venue allows). The food sponsor makes all the arrangements - including flatware, napkins, cups, plates, etc. Food is consumed as people arrive and mingle around 6:30pm, and we usually get started with the presentations by 7pm. To help with arranging food, here is a link to ezCater (https://www.ezcater.com/raf/9190f46efd), which makes it easy to select a restaurant close to the venue, estimate the food required to support the 50-60 people, place the order online, and make the delivery arrangements. Expect to pay approx. $450 for food/drink.

Sponsorship - Location: We are open to a variety of locations. Minimum requirements include a facility that can host approx. 60 attendees, with projector and screen available. The only time we have needed amplification is when the meeting area has significant background noise (like certain climate control systems, or open environments where sound does not carry well). The facility should support groups who allow food and drink on premise. Please specify if alcohol is Not permitted, and/or if there are drinks/snacks or benefits that the facility supplies beyond the space hosting. Usually, attendance requires RSVP for security check-in (if required). Be aware that Meetup members do Not necessarily use their legal name in their profile. Any prerequisites need to be spelled out (like requiring attendees to sign an NDA, or updating their profile with their legal name). The host location sponsor is responsible for posting signage to make it very clear where attendees need to go for the meetup. Please supply any special instructions with regard to directions, parking, security check-in, etc. - these will be posted on the Meetup site.

Note: We have arranged with Amazon to use their Boston office several times a year. In general, these Meetups are reserved for sponsors who do Not have a facility to offer. If you require a facility, there are many locations throughout the Boston area, including places like WeWork (http://wework.com), that can be contacted to help facilitate a meeting space.

Sponsorship - Other Items: There are other forms of sponsorship available, including supplying swag, offering door prizes for info cards being filled out, and covering the Meetup site hosting fees. Please reach out to the moderator for further details and arrangements. awsmeetup@extremereach.com

Promotion of Other Events: We receive many requests to post outside events, functions, positions, and other items to the Meetup group. Members have provided direct feedback that they do Not want any sales presentations or unrelated solicitations. So, we keep it simple, stay focused on the purpose of this Meetup, and provide opportunities for companies to sponsor or present, and make announcements during the Meetup. In addition, comments can be posted to any of the scheduled Meetup pages on the Meetup site. These comments go out to the entire membership (who have notifications enabled).

Attendee List: We are often asked about providing presenters and sponsors the attendee list. Unfortunately, many Meetup registrants use nicknames, and emails are not available. If an RSVP list is desired, this can be provided to the host sponsor, however, it ONLY includes the member's Meetup profile name (may not be their real name) and profile link - it does Not contain direct email contact info.
However, presenters/sponsors can post to the Meetup site, commenting on the particular meeting page, which goes out to the entire group (who have notifications enabled). In the comments you can indicate follow-up contact info, offer slides, and drive response to another web link where more info can be gathered from attendees.

What Next?
Sponsors: Identify a meetup date and reach out to the moderator with a description of your desired involvement, and any additional questions not answered above.
Presenters: Provide topic/abstract and indicate when you could be available to provide the presentation.

Reaching Mark Annati, the group moderator: Emails to Mark should contain the word ‘meetup’. Contact: Mark Annati, VP of IT, Extreme Reach, Inc., awsmeetup@extremereach.com

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AWS Best Practices for Healthcare and Life Sciences Compliance

AWS Best Practices for Healthcare and Life Sciences Compliance Presented by Glenn Grant, President, US East at Mission Introducing the cloud to an already complicated regulatory landscape can make even the most experienced technology leader apprehensive. Whether migrating on-prem apps to the cloud or building cloud-native apps from the ground up, the Amazon Web Services’ volume of tools can be overwhelming, and even more so in the context of dealing with security and compliance concerns. During this Meetup, we will break down the seemingly insurmountable amount of challenges, allowing you to quickly see how leveraging AWS can actually simplify and improve IT operations. This is crucial in the healthcare and life science space, where the ability to meet and maintain compliance requirements is essential to supporting workloads containing sensitive PHI. • The relationship between HITRUST and HIPAA • The AWS Shared Responsibility Model for Security Measures • AWS BAA and understanding HIPAA eligible services on AWS • Innovating more quickly and delivering better and faster outcomes for patients • Innovating at scale while managing security compliance requirements • Meeting and maintaining essential compliance requirements

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