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Promoting technology innovation and marketing collaboration in Robotics.

Robotics are at the intersection of a number of megatrends: Sensors & Networking, AI, Infinite Computing, 3D Printing, Energy Storage. Robots are being created to tackle every conceivable challenge and once they are connected to the internet it will enable the creation of new, potentially disruptive services.

Meet other local Robotics Enthusiasts, fellow entrepreneurs, business and government executives, investors, and technology researchers to discuss ideas and building techniques on robotics, drones, automation, autonomous systems, DIY, embedded vision, etc. and have fun! It doesn't matter if you have lots of Robot friends or are just in the dreaming phase, this is the place to find out what's going on in the robotics community.

Massachusetts Robotics Cluster Report

A Roadmap for US Robotics From Internet to Robotics 2016 Edition: http://www.hichristensen.com/pdf/roadmap-2016.pdf

How Robots Work https://science.howstuffworks.com/robot.htm ... via @howstuffworks

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let's look at swarms of cooperative robots and their coordination

Suppose you have thousands of identical, small robots, each communicating with peers by some means, perhaps global, perhaps regional. How do you coordinate them to achieve a common goal without having a Master? See: http://bilge.pyrate.m... (http://bilge.pyrate.mailbolt.com/FRC/DistributedControlForRoboticSwarmsUsingVoronoiTesselations--ShelleyRoundsThesis.pdf) and http://bilge.pyrate.m... (http://bilge.pyrate.mailbolt.com/FRC/MotionControlWithDistributedInformation--MartinezCortesBullo.pdf) and http://bilge.pyrate.m... (http://bilge.pyrate.mailbolt.com/FRC/CoverageControlForMobileSensingNetworks-CortesMartinezKaratasBullo.pdf) I don't pretend to know all these, even if I understand some of the principles. But I thought learning this stuff together might be fun, and be an impetus to actually reading and mastering these.

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