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Who Are We, What Are We, Why Are We Doing This?

The Boston area has one of the most diverse information security ecosystems in the world. Over the past several years our local community has been increasingly underserved and misaligned, so we are trying to do our part by organizing a monthly meetup (and more).

We understand that the current community has several various meetups/events and expect some skepticism, so let us tell you what we are about:

• We are putting this together for InfoSec professionals to have a safe place to come meet like-minded people, share cool ideas, and discuss real issues.

• Our events are not a place for sales or recruiting. We will politely ask anyone that engages in this behavior to leave (this includes sponsors), unless we have an event specifically designed to engage those relevant parties (e.g., a recruiting event).

• Content starts at 7PM, with doors opening at 6PM to socialize. Content will be in the form of 2-3 lightning talks (10-20 minutes), with breaks to meet and chat in-between. We aim for content to conclude between 8:15 and 8:30 PM, but will just go with the flow.

• Content will be driven by the community. We also remember that a big part of these events is to bring the community together, so lightning talks are preferred. This will not be a place that you come after work to watch people lecture at you for three hours. Contact the organizers if you wanna do talk or have content ideas!

• RSVPs are highly encouraged for our events, but unless specified otherwise all practitioners, or those interested in learning about security, are encouraged to come eat, drink, meet others in the community, and share ideas... no strings attached.

Note: As part of being able to host the various events for zero or close to zero cost, we’ve chosen to use WeWork and their event locations. Part of their conditions of use is that we provide them with the email addresses of those participants that RSVP for each event. We believe this is quite a small ask for the use of their locations. However, we do recommend ensuring your Meetup registered email is one you wouldn’t mind them having and potentially sending email to at some point.

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