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Bovine Cemetery requests the presence of all writers, readers, storytellers, thinkers, lovers of fiction, lovers of the new, enthusiasts, amateurs, activists and aficionados. The Bovine Cemetery Readings provide a free space for established and up-and-coming writers to perform original, exciting material. The rest of us get the chance to take in an evening of freshly-baked fiction from the next generation of great storytellers. Our evenings last an hour and a half, with an intermission halfway, and consist of volunteer readers picked at random. Anyone and everyone is invited to volunteer. The form is short fiction, the guideline is a seven-minute rough maximum, the content is your own. To break the ice for our intrepid volunteers, each event will open with a featured author chosen to showcase what we think the future of fiction might look like. There is no charge. BC is not-for-profit, but voluntary donations can be made to the BC bucket for nibbles and bits at the following readings. Bring laughter, bring booze, but don't bring drugs or animals. We're indebted to the good people at the Skiff for letting us use their space free of charge. We will be launching with our first reading in Winter 2015. Welcome to something new. -- BC

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