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In today's society, men are faced with social pressures to be tough, emotionless, and distant in their relationships. Join Beth Osmer on September 29th for a powerful and free workshop for men to become their own masculine hero!

In this workshop, you will ...

-Learn that living in your heart is the key to success and inner-power.
-Discover how to communicate and connect with true authenticity.
-Find that vulnerability is a superpower! Learning how to live in your heart will bring you a deeper connection with the people in your life.
-Learn how to become the hero in your personal life, work, and community by living a heart-centered life.
-Experience the value of "living on purpose!"
-Understand how to stand in the TRUTH of who you truly are without fear of judgment.

E-mail Beth@BethOsmer.com for more information.

Go to https://thebravenewheart.eventbrite.com to RSVP!

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