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We are accepting New members until the 31 January 2020.

To all new members,

Thank you for joining Bristol Girlie Group. As you are aware this is a subscription meetup group. All the details on our terms and conditions and how to make a payment are below.

The new member window will close on the 31st January, If you wish to remain in the group and be eligible to attend our events then please pay memberships fees by 16th Feb. As stated in the T&C's any non payments will result in removal from the group. If I remove you in error and you have paid my apologise, please contact me asap and I will add you back to the group as soon as we have resolved any payments issues. It’s £5 for the whole year and you can attend as many events as you like.

Payment details: Sort Code 40-47-63 Account Number 81231251. You MUST leave your name in the reference box it really helps me work out who has paid, account numbers mean nothing. Also if you direct message me, I can look out for your payment and acknowledge it directly to you, if you have paid in the last 4 weeks and I have not acknowledge your payments please do let me know when you paid and last four digits of your account number not the long number on your card.

Many thanks


Rules of the Group 2020

We don’t have many Terms & Conditions but to help me and the Event Hosts run the group please abide by them.


£5 one off Membership fee which runs from February 2020 to February 2021. There are two reasons for the fee (1) Meetup charge fees (2) My time regarding admin etc.

If you join after the February date you will still need to pay the £5 fee. This is less than 50p a month and you can attend as many events as you like.

Once you have paid the money please private message me via meet up informing me of the name on your account and date paid, so I can easily spot it. I will only be checking my account on a weekly basis and I will confirm back if payment has been received.

Payment Details: Sort Code 40-47-63 Account Number 81231251

Payment must be in my account by 16 Feb 2020, anyone not having paid by this date will be removed from the group.


1. If you get a space on an event and can’t attend please change your RSVP to No, as soon as possible. This allows someone else to take the spot (if enough notice is given) or so that the Event Hosts know not to wait for you. If you don’t show up and haven’t informed us in advance i.e. changed for RSVP then you will put down as a no show.

2. If running late for an event please message on the event page. We operate with a delay rule of 15 minutes if someone is running late, after this we will start the event without you, the reason is we often have a table for a set period so we need to order. If the event is for a ticketed event we will be going by the organisers timetable.

3. Dietary Requirements are YOUR responsibility to check if the venue has vegetarian or vegan options (if required), if you have more specialist requirements i.e. Dairy Free or Gluten Free then you need to comment in the event to make the Host aware and they will inform the restaurant.

4. Getting to an Event It is YOUR responsibility to get yourself to and from an event, please ensure you know how to get to and from the event, we provide as many location details as we have available or are provided by the event. Most of the time the Event Hosts put things on that we have never been to before so we won’t be able to help you, as we have to plan our own route.

5. Waiting List; if you are on the waiting list and a space becomes available the next person waiting will be automatically moved to the attending. You should receive an email from meetup to say you are now attending but this is depending on your settings.

6. Contacting the Event Host; Please only use Meet and comment in the Event, a host will check this regularly, DO NOT ask for their mobile phone number.

7. If the event is a ticketed event i.e. Theatre it is your responsibility to buy your own ticket. As much detail will be put up on how to purchase these but if you are having issues then you need to contact the actual event company, for example if going to see a theatre production at the Hippodrome you need to contact the Hippodrome directly, please do not ask the event host to do this for you.

8. Bringing a friend we do not currently offer plus 1’s unless we are struggling to fill an event, as most of our events are heavily subscribed and it would not be fair to members if non-members were given spaces. If you have a friend that would like to join then please encourage them to sign up before the 16 Feb 19 or come back to us in June.

Removal from Group

1. £5 fee not paid.

2. Have been put down as a No Show 2 times.

3. If your behaviour is offensive.

If you are removed from the group membership will not be refunded.


If new to the group then I would suggest coming to one of the meals as the table is booked under a name which we tell you a few days before, this makes it easier when you come to the restaurant as you can just ask where the table is.

About our Events Hosts

The ladies that host the events are just like you they want to make new friends they just thought it would be fun to host the event. They may not know all the information about the group etc. If you have specific questions then please ask me (Tori).

Event Hosts will very rarely cancel events at last minute as they will contact all the other event hosts first to see if anyone can step into their shoes.

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