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Calling all home chefs, sustainable foodies or beginner cooks! Cooking shouldn't be hard, or laborious, or an Instagram-perfect luxury. Real people should eat home-cooked food every day. Food should be something that we enjoy every day, an opportunity to nourish your body, mind and soul with care and reasonable effort. Cooking isn't about competition or showing off. We live in the city; we have jobs and friends and pets and kids and hobbies. There's time and room for cooking, even in the smallest of Brooklyn kitchens. We have designed our curriculum to inform cooking for home cooks who want to cook better, and have it incorporate into their lives without taking over.

The Brooklyn Kitchen has been helping people cook better at home since 2006. We are focused on the home cook, and on making home cooking more enjoyable and accessible. Our class curriculum is designed to teach cooking IRL, to offer the tastes, smells, sounds and feels that you can't get from a YouTube video. Cooking and sharing a meal is a uniquely human experience, and is the basis of civilization.

"Food is the only art without which you would die." - Steve Albini

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