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Cryptography, thermometers, and the Unreal

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To say we're looking forward to the next few Meetups is an understatement...we are THRILLED about the pack of AMAZING presenters lined up, starting with our super-cast this month.

Gwen Weston: Steganography and the F5 Algorithm
Steganography is a field of cryptography that explores encrypting files into a given carrier medium in a way that is visibly undetectable, i.e. 'in plain sight'. Gwen will give a brief overview of the F5 algorithm, an algorithm that embeds text messages into a JPEG, and how to implement it.

Nathan Hurst: Made it past App Store approval? Find out what it takes to get through FDA approval
Hurst is the Head of Engineering at Kinsa, a company that hopes to "fundamentally change how we manage our health." He will give a brief intro to Kinsa, their app and thermometer, and then dive in to some of the specifics of what it takes to get an app approved by the FDA.

Brianna Wu: A 3D pipeline for the Unreal system
A former investigative reporter and freelance illustrator, and now Head of development for Giant Spacekat, Bri will present on a 3D pipeline for the Unreal system. Her forthcoming game, "Revolution 60," ships in September, and she calls it "the most cinematic game ever delivered on the iOS platform."

"Revolution 60 is a breakthrough game for iPad, using the strength of the touch interface to tell a short, intense story. It features gorgeous animations using the Unreal engine and has gameplay that is accessible to the casual iOS user. It is fully voice acted, starring anime legend Amanda Winn-Lee of Evangelion."

Trust us, you do NOT want to miss this. See you soon :)

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