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Action-packed August! with Hopscotch, FiftyThree, & CodeCoalition

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Our Meetup this month is jam-packed with iOS demos, tools, stories, and code! Reserve your spot, and get there early :)

3-for-1 by CodeCoalition:

John Nichols: BFCropInterface, a better tool for cropping photos
The BFCropInterface was featured in Pongr (, and is a custom crop tool that can draw boxes and rectangles of varying heights and sizes. Managing motion control presented a multitude of technical challenges.

Teddy Wyly: Unlocking the power of UICollectionView
Although UICollectionViewFlowLayout can accomplish much of what is needed, subclassing UICollectionViewLayout allows much more flexibility, and can accomplish some powerful view layouts with a few lines of code.
Eliot Arntz: Parse, an alternative backend in Objective-C
Parse serves as a cloud storage for simple applications. Objects may be created and retrieved on the fly using Parse's well-developed API.
Tara Feener and Julian Walker of FiftyThree: FiftyThree's first product, Paper, won a number of awards including Apple's App of the Year award in 2012. Tara and Julian will focus on the design and engineering of one of their newest tools: zoom. "W
e took a step back to rethink how zoom works in a touch context. Through a ton of design exploration, prototyping, and engineering work to add custom UI gesture recognizers, we were happy to ship a zoom tool we're proud of in our latest release: explore."
Samantha John of Hopscotch: Jocelyn and Samantha founded Hopscotch for iPad to build the toy they wished had existed when they were kids. They will discuss the code behind Hopscotch and the technical details of how Sam wrote a visual programming language.
This event will be filmed.

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