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Welcome. Are you a writer and would like to meet like-minded souls? Do you love to write but never seem to find the time to do so? Do you like to work in the company of others? Then join us!

We are a group of writers, bloggers, and creative minds who like to get together to write, discuss our work and combat writer's block together. We meet every Sunday to write in a productive communal atmosphere. We also organise regular or one-off activities aimed at supporting each other as writers.

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We like to keep things relaxed, but in order to ensure a positive experience for everyone, there are a few rules we ask all members to respect:

Core values:

• The group welcomes everybody regardless of skill level, writing language or style of writing.

• The group is a “nexus of energy”, meaning that members support each other with motivation, advice when requested, and creativity. In this regard, the Sunday “Let’s Write” meetings are central to the group; a time to meet and work on our own projects in a productive atmosphere.

• The group is not a workshop lead by an experienced writer/coach, but rather lives from members sharing their experiences and knowledge with each other. All members are welcome to propose ideas that they feel would interest other group members.

RSVP policy:

Members not showing up at meetings or changing their RSVP at the last minute is disruptive to the group. Members are therefore kindly asked to amend their RSVP in due time when they can no longer attend a meeting and send a message in case of last minute cancellation. Please note that

• “Last minutes” is understood as after 20:00 on the evening before the event.

• Anyone who changes their RSVP after this time will be marked as “no show”.

• People who have 3 “no shows” within any 3 months’ period will automatically be placed on the waitlist (if there is one).

Membership fees:

The group has a membership fee of €5 per half year (pro-rata at €1/month for members joining mid-year). New members can attend up to two Sunday “Let’s Write” meetings to see if they like the group but will then be asked to pay membership fees. The group membership fees are used to pay the meetup.com user fee, contingency when booking rooms for workshops, etc. We will still occasionally have paid events, however having membership fees will enable us to keep the cost for such special events to a minimum.

The “money” section of the group page is viewable by all members and gives an overview of the group’s financial situation. The organiser team will update the group verbally at the Sunday meetings every 6 months on how the money is being spent. Members can also send a message to the organisers, in case of any questions.

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Virtual Writing Session

Online event

Let's meet digitally to write. There are two sessions. The first is at 8:30 pm so that we could chat a little bit as we do when we meet physically, then explain to the other members what we plan to write or our project. During this time, I suggest that we all have a drink digitally together as well. Then, after 30 minutes, we would write for an hour. The second session at 10h00 is shorter. During that session, which is optional, writers can share if they reach their session goal and/or how they feel about what they accomplished during the session. It is not the idea to share the text itself (the Brussels Writing group has feedback sessions for that;)) The idea would be to have these sessions 2 or 3 times a week. The sessions would help us get the motivation to write regularly. Don't hesitate to comment. For instance, If some of you are interested but would prefer another schedule, day....See you soon.

Let's Write!


We are live again! While we are happy to be able to meet in person, of course some adaptations will be required. Please read attentively the information below before attending. Apart from that, the session will run as usual. We will start the meeting with a quick round table to introduce any new members and share what each of us is working on, before getting down to the business of writing. Halfway through the session we will have a break to chat and get drinks. So bring your notebooks/laptops and take the chance to work on your project in a productive atmosphere! As always, feel free to mention any specific issues you are having or anything you would like help with. SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS – PLEASE READ Although we are delighted to be able to organize our Sunday session again in person, the health situation requires us to take several precautions. Objective: to ensure your safety, ours and that of Kamilou employees. Here are the rules that will be in effect until further notice: • Only one session will be organized. It will take place from 11 am to 3 pm (with a break in the middle). Please be on time and stay at least until the break. • Maximum 10 participants per session (organizers included). • Prior registration required. Showing up without signing up will not be tolerated. Equally we ask you to please respect closely the cancellation policy (before 20:00 the day before) to allow others to take your place in case you cannot make it. • Priority to our regular members (having paid the membership fee for 2020). • Distancing: instead of a large table, each participant will have their own work table. The tables will be spaced at least 2 meters apart. • Wearing a mask is compulsory before and after the session, during the break and when moving about (going to the toilet, getting food, etc). • Hand hygiene: we ask you to wash and / or disinfect your hands on arrival, before and after the break. • Contact Tracing: we will ask you to leave your names and contact details at each session. We also ask you to scrupulously respect the health recommendations issued by the government. Specifically: • If you have symptoms, even mild ones, or if you have recently been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, be reasonable: stay home! • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters (= 2 arms outstretched) between yourself and others AT ALL TIMES. So, even if it's tempting, no kiss, no hug and no handshake! • Wash your hands regularly. • Avoid touching your face. It goes without saying that we will respect all measures decided by the government and apply them immediately to our MeetUps. Session might there be cancelled, even at short notice, if the health situation requires it. The organizers reserve the right to exclude any participant who does not respect these measures.

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