• Agile Talks #36: Cultural Change in Product Development Studios

    In May we'll be part of Bucharest Technology Week, one-week festival across the city to celebrate the power of technology. Our event comes with the following talks: 1. "Cultural Change in Product Development Studios. What now, what next?" by James Murphy "From what used to drive people (creatives & devs) to studios/agencies to what drives them now. What are the main cultural trends that studios and agencies need to adapt and build on in Romania and globally? How we can attract and engage the best people in development, design and product innovation? The world of talent is very different from what used to be 10 years ago, even 5 years ago. What attracts generation Y and X, the new breed of remote digital nomads and super creative millennials to roles and brands has changed. Fact - if the companies of the 21st century don't consider this mindset and they don't understand what employer brand is and how important is to a business of any size, then they will more than likely fail through a trail of mediocrity and lack of opportunity. We'll find out more together!" About James: James went from senior-level executive search in financial services to scaling and building tech-based startups globally over the last 15 years. With a people-centric career that has spanned through innovation in recruitment, personal funded startups and consultant for some of the fastest scaling platform businesses in London and beyond, James is now the Co-Founder/CEO of Squid40 and is focusing on a challenge culture based on uniting collaboration and empathetic minded professionals that have amazing startup ideas with inspiring founding teams. 2. To be added Agenda: 19:00 - Intro 19:10 - 19:40 Cultural Change in Product Development Studios. What now, what next? by James Murphy 19:40 - 20:10 To be added 20:10 - Break 20:25 - Open space 21:00 - Closing See you there!