Agile Talks #1

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We all want to listen and learn how Agile is applied and how teams benefit from practicing it. From doing Scrum daily meetings to SAFe( and the Agile Architect role(, any knowledge and experience is helping us improve.

For this purpose, we want to start a series of events dedicated to Agile talks. We will have the first event on 10th of December. First speaker: Ion Moldoveanu from Deutsche Bank. With his talk, “Agile in regulatory environment", he will bring more light on how Agile can be applied in an environment dominated by compliance constraints.

Second speaker will be Flavius Stef which will talk about "Scrum vs Kanban" (see abstract bellow):

"Scrum is the most widespread agile framework, with Sprints, Backlogs and ScrumMasters more popular than ever. However, some teams that have been doing Scrum for a while are now reportedly switching to Kanban, the new kid of the block in terms of Agile/Lean processes.

So, should you also switch?
In this talk we'll walk through the core elements of both Scrum and Kanban and see when you should choose one or the other. In fact, we'll see that for maximum results we can combine the two methods into something called Scrumban.

You'll even hear the story of two teams: one that switched from Scrum to Kanban, and one that switched from Kanban to Scrum."

After the talks, we will have an hour of Open Space discussions that will challenge the speakers and participants to share even more information on the presented topics.

See you there!