Agile Talks #2

This is a past event

50 people went


Let's start 2015 with two new great presentations. This time productivity in an agile environment is the main topic.

We have the first speaker, Eduard Budacu from Zitec. He will talk about:
Title: Hacking your personal productivity in an Agile Team
Key words: personal productivity, self-development, continuous improvement, self-management, time management

Agile methods are known to increase productivity once applied in teams and projects. Equally important is for individuals to take action for continuous improvement and self-management as an Agile team member.

Personal productivity is a vast subject to be covered in a talk so the presentation aims to address 3 topics
- time management
- managing interruptions
- focus

Join a discussion about productivity with practical examples from working with myself to become more effective and efficient as a developer and team lead.

Adopting Agile as a mindset, applying the principles and practices come hand in hand with the goal of becoming a "better version of yourself".

The second speaker is Cornel Fatulescu. He will talk about:


Title: The fight for control

"During this session I’ll speak about things that I’ve learned being a father, a manager, a coach and a trainer, things that everyone needs to know.

- What is this? Asked the CEO.
- The audit report you requested, said John, the IT manager.
- Are you joking? Have you ever seen an audit report like this before?
- I’ll change it immediately.
- A complete waste of time and money. This shall never happen again! And then he left. John was shocked. This was the first time he had something meaningful to do in his new job. During the lunch break, he said to his good old friend, an experienced consultant in IT management:
- My first two weeks as an IT Manager … And my boss has already yelled at me. There was something wrong with the audit report and I don’t even know what … Can you review my report before I send it back to my CEO?
- Sure. I can also help you build one from scratch if you want. I’ve done many audits.
In the situation above there are at least two processes:
- How can John make the best audit report? (Hard skills)
- How can John manage this kind of conflictual situations? (Soft skills).

The second question will trigger the most important process. Is his boss going to yell again? How should John react? What can John do so that the entire organization can benefit from less violent communication? However, it is also the less obvious one to address.

This is just one typical issue I’m going to talk about."


Location to be chosen these days. Join us on 14th January!