Product development at the mountains

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11 people went

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The purpose of product development is to create a functional software product during 2 days of coding starting from (almost) nothing. We will work in an agile fashion using 1 hour sprints followed by 10 minutes of retrospective. After each sprint we will have some incremental functionality which we will deploy live. The team is cross-functional, made from programmers, testers, analysts, product owners and anyone else who wants to join us.

During this edition the focus will be on tests and test driven development.

Everybody will pay for their own accommodation and meals, unless we find sponsors [sponsors, don't be afraid to step up! :)].

The organizers will provide:

• Wireless router

• Source control (Git)

• Continuous integration server (Jenkins)

• Production Server: JBoss Wildfly 8

• Testing Server: JBoss Wildfly 8

• The specification of the product we want to build

• Virtual Machine disk image for quick start; OS: Ubuntu 14.4 LTS, 64bit, Eclipse and JBoss with project set-up

Prerequisites needed by the attendees:
Computer with

• Git

• JDK 8

• JBoss Wildfly

• IDE of your choice (Eclipse for Java EE / Netbeans (Java EE version) / IntelliJ; for Eclipse and IntelliJ the Infinitest plugin is highly recommended)

• Maven

• JUnit 4

• Mockito

Testing tools (for testers)

• Jmeter

• Selenium

Showing up with a working environment is a sign of respect for everyone else's time and you are encouraged to test the setup at home using a small HelloWorld application. Keep in mind the option of using our VM ready-to-code image if you don't want to be bothered with details such as JDK version.