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Junkomat - Live coding webinar cu Victor Rentea

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Miercuri, 20 iunie, ai ocazia sa participi la un webinar de live coding sustinut de Victor Rentea. In doua reprize de cate doua ore, Victor va demonstra cum poti aplica principiile de Object Oriented Programming, clean code, Test Driven Development si refactoring.

Victor Rentea este un trainer independent, Lead Architect la IBM, Clean Code Evanghelist, PhD in Computer Science.

10:00 - 12:00 Live coding webinar - partea intai
12:00 - 14:00 Pauza
14:00 - 16:00 Live coding webinar - partea a doua

Webinar-ul va fi sustinut in limba romana.

Pentru a putea participa la acest webinar, accesati urmatorul link WebEx: - va puteti conecta cu orice nume si adresa de email.
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>> Nu vom porni aceasta conferinta decat in cazul in care constatam ca se aude foarte prost prin webex!

Problema abordata se numeste "Junkomat" - o aplicatie pentru un vending machine (Junkomat) capabil sa dea rest. Mai multe detalii despre problema:

"Develop the business logic of a vending machine (Junkomat) with change function. The machine can sell different items, each with its own price. The logic must be exposed via a typed interface, on which your tests should exemplify the functionality.

The main function could look like this:
PurchasedDrinkAndChange (DrinkRequest selection, Coin... deposit);

The function returns either the desired drink and possibly the change in the form of coins different value or an error, if e.g. the desired drink is sold out, the amount deposited is too low or the machine can’t provide the appropriate change.

The Junkomat works with the following coins:
- 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents
- 1 Euro (= 100 Cent), 2 Euro (= 200 Cent)

For example: If you deposit a 2-euro coin and want to buy a drink for
the price of 1.20 euros, the machine gives you back the drink along
with 80 cent change in the form of a 50, a 20 and a 10 cent coin.

The stock of goods and coins in the Junkomat is limited, and the API
should have functions for filling and emptying the vending machine."