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This Meetup is for active real estate investors who are already doing deals, but they want to scale their business to a higher level and escape the grind!

This may be someone that is doing a few deals a year that wants to start doing a few deals a month, or someone that does several deals a month working too much who wants to build a team to fire themselves.

As they say, hobbies cost you money and businesses make you money. So this group will be all about treating your real estate investing as a business.

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[ONLINE] Live Q & A Strategy Call (get your burning questions answered)

No holds barred Q & A on your real estate investments and businesses with Steve Richards and Brad Lawler. Register Now: https://bit.ly/3cME98z Steve has over 16 years of being full time in the business and nearly 1000 personal deals under his belt, and his core company, Redevelop Indy, still actively does every aspect of the business, as well as owns a construction divsion, brokerage, marketing company and consulting/training business. Brad speaks to dozens of active investors a week, and maintains a database of hundreds of legitmate Realtors and Invesstors that he regularly does strategy calls with, all in an effort to stay connected and up-to-date on the market, the economy, best practices, vendor relationships and more... During this online meeting, we'll dicsuss things like: -deal structuring -solving problems -find deals -what's going on in the market -funding sources/pros & cons -business structures -hiring a team -business strategies -personal development -growing & scaling -and anything else you want to to cover! Join us for the next Live REI and Business Q & A, get registered now! https://bit.ly/3cME98z

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