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There a lot of hype around AI and obviously a lot of cool tech around it also. Prognostication aside, there's AI is here, it's been here and there's the day to day business of AI. You know, the startups that are implementing tried and true algorithms to make money and those that are on the bleeding edge, which at some point is also trying to make money and make a dent in the universe.

This meetup is gather together geeks in this world of AI who are actively working on startups, businesses and projects involving Artificial Intelligence. We'll discuss the day to day realities, technology, business and where the near term future of AI is likely to take us. The goal of this meetup is to primarily get geeks together and build longer term relationships with like minded folks. We'll try our best to limit distractions and recruiters.

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Ahmed Reza at KyoVentures

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Inaugural Meetup of Geeks in the AI Business

75 E Santa Clara St

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