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Celebrating the Positives of Love, Sex and Faith

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Celebrating the Positives about Love, Sex and Faith

The CAVU Center understands human beings to be sacred creations that exist in the tension between being individuals and in relationship with others.

The CAVU Center celebrates the positive pleasure that comes from loving relationships, open minds & hearts, a quest for the unexplored and the affirmation of life that comes from respect, trust, communication and hope.

The CAVU Center’s 2017 Conference on Intimacy, Sexuality and Spirituality will provide participants an opportunity - over a two day period - to explore their personal feelings and experiences about sexuality, spirituality and intimacy. Also participants will have opportunities to attend workshops/seminars on a variety of topics that will provide insight and/or experiential learning to promote a more healthy, positive and holistic life alone and/or with others. More information, such as location and the conference schedule will be offered shortly.

At the 2017 ISS Con there will be a large selection of course offerings, both in the seminar (1 hr.) and workshop (2hr) model. The seminars will be mostly presentation of themes and topics, while the workshops will be interactive and participatory learning opportunities.

Seminar topics being considered are: STDs, A Culture of Transparency, Queer Sexuality, Asexual Intimacy, Positive Intimacy without Genital Intercourse, Sex Positive Art, Marriage & Family, Sexuality & Aging, Masculinity of Jesus, 5 Love Languages, Gender Roles, Clobber Passages in the Bible, Communication, Developing a Sex Positive Ethic, Theology of Inclusion & Grace, Dealing with Conflict, Rough Sex vs. Abuse, Native American Sexuality, Monogamy vs. Non-Monogamy, The Power of Touch, Sacred Texts and ISS, Alt Lifestyles: BDSM, Poly, Non-Monogamy, and more, The Joy of Chastity, Sexuality & Disability, and Tantric Pleasure.

Workshops currently scheduled are Relationship Communication, Developing Ethics for a Sex Positive Life, and A Theological Framework for Celebrating ISS.

For Information contact: [masked]