What we're about

Is dedicated to the study and application of the Cultural, Occult, Religious and Esoteric (CORE) teachings of all ages, whether known or unknown, that offer the possibility of personal development and spiritual growth.

Throughout history there have always been a few dedicated individuals who have thrust towards that which was, is, and always will be. Those who have the spur for truth and the correctness of function. Those who something has made prone during their formation in the womb and inclined them to arrive at the time and place of a great cosmic surge upon the planet.

For them, it becomes impossible to become anything other than a conductor and a beacon for that which is newly arising, evolutionary-inclined and of conscious origin. Always these ones are driven relentlessly to surrender themselves in the service of signal, hitherto wasted and often dispersed.

The Light
Its function is to defy all that is false and to bring about for the human their natural rights and possibilities… to reestablish in this culture that which is real, right and proper, by inspiration, by leadership, by transmission. To create and construct confidence and care and to cause a release from the bondage of ignorance.

The Way
Illuminates the mind, brings wisdom and offers direct communication with the essence of all things thus allowing one to converse freely on any subject without previous study by way of direct knowledge and insight. It orients us toward the unseen worlds and makes inhabitants our companions on our journey towards evolution along the path of eternity.

The Work
Teaches one how to study in-concentrate in a way never-before known and enables those natural but dormant abilities in man to reactivate, thus enabling us to fulfill our destinies without shame.

In Oneself
It produces the tranquility of enhancement and marks the trace of one’s service within it forever. That you may one day play a part in this will be determined by those who’ve gone before as pioneers and who serve unselfishly that this may grow and reach you also.

In Others
And now that organic life is ready, at least from the standpoint of desperation, it comes to pass from one person to another in an ever-growing light so that all may be put right while there is still time.

In Us
We who know it, are content. Come what may…

The CORE is founded on the following values:

1. That the aggregate of human life is a creational development-in-process and that the human being as an individual is an unfinished, self-assembling, self-evolving organism.

2. That each of us has an obligation to preserve and maintain one’s life and wellbeing for as long as possible, to allow enough time for the perfection of one’s higher self and faculties.

3. That one must have a continuous striving toward the discovery of new possibilities, abilities and their practical application in pursuit of self-perfection.

4. That one must strive to understand the nature of man, the universe and their relationship to one another as well as the laws that govern them, so as to acquire in oneself the possibility of living according to one’s true purpose as determined by natural design and function.

5. To become a true man or woman by undergoing a deep study of self and embracing a willingness to change and alter despite difficulty.

6. To learn and uphold the vitality of truth and always seek its growth and continued application in one’s life.

7. To avoid accepting on faith or espousing any teaching or practice until such time as one is able to validate its truth and efficacy in their own life and personal experience.

8. To understand one’s relation to the universe and to be able to pay back for one’s existence and offer a return on the investment-of-life that has been bestowed upon us as a gift.

9. To aid all beings, both similar and dissimilar to us, toward the most rapid attainment of their highest level of development.

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