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"Alien Fireballs" Documentary/ discussion on"Asteroids & Meteorites"

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Alien Fireballs is a Documentary/ discussion

As this is a brilliant package of information that is jammed packed with incredible and stunning facts; we will briefly break for short discussion about half way through and at the end.

Hosting will be Michael Bakk the Captain and founder of the Calgary Space Workers Society. Michael, is heading up research and development over the past nine years for space habitation, exploration and why many of the worlds future needs will be found in the industrialization of space. Asteroids and meteors that are coming close and landing on earth is a key part of how human kind can look toward the development of the world we live in and the future of space development

Alien Fireballs is a Documentary on a Meteorite hitting earth in Canada.

A clear, Friday night in Ontario, Canada. A flaming fireball lights up the night sky as it streaks to Earth.

It could carry with it secrets about the origins of our Solar System or evidence of life on other planets. But in order to study it, scientists first need to find it.

At the University of Western Ontario, planetary scientists capture the entire event using a sophisticated network of specialized cameras, radar and listening equipment aimed at the heavens.

This event may be the best documented meteorite fall in history. Now, scientists plot a search area and mount a team to hunt for it. The race is on, to find Earths latest visitor.

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