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Please join us in our heart-to-heart practice of self-inquiry and expression. This is a proven technique that provides the optimum environmental circumstance for an awakening experience with ancient Zen principles delicately combined with psychoanalytic foundations. Essentially, what we offer is a safe and sacred space for you to let down your guard and release the burdens that weigh heavy in your life.


Get in touch with what is most real or true for you in the present moment. Then, by consciously communicating that to another, who is giving you their full attention and acceptance (in a "dyad"), a kind of alchemy occurs. Each round of inquiry and expression clears our minds and opens our hearts, as we shed away conditioned reality, and move closer to the Truth.


This pure practice is highly effective for those who are willing to show up and share their truth. Its power is derived from two people working consciously together. The two have the power of three or more as the principle of "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" transpires. It is in our relating and releasing that we truly evolve. Moreover, in this age of technology, never was a time to connect face to face with another so valuable.

-we agree to work together in confidence and acceptance

-we each inquire into a question that is of interest to us as individuals, arriving at whatever level of truth we are able to in regards to the question

- and then as consciously and spontaneously as we can, we share what comes up as a result of inquiry in to the question or express it in any way we are moved to with another one of us, who receives it in confidence and without judgment.

By practicing in this way, we engage in "co-evolution".

This is a principle that states that all things evolve in "relationship".

If there were no "other", there would be no evolution.
-the plants, insects, animals, mountains and rivers together (as Darwin has shown us)
-ourselves with our minds, bodies and emotions, as in silent meditation
-and ourselves with others, as we do in dyads, in relating.

This method has the advantage of having two human beings, two conscious entities, witnessing and processing one mind. The principle of "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" kicks in. The two become like four, or eight. The power of the practice of inquiry is increased exponentially with the help of another who receives our expression. The proof is in the pudding. This practice works!!!

But don't take mine or anyone's word for it. Find your own truth. Come try it out!

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