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Growing Cannabis Plants at Home: how, when, why, and let's get started!
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Learn How to Grow 4 Cannabis Plants at Home for Medicine, Nutrition, and Peace of Mind AT LAST! It’s now legal to start growing your own cannabis at home. After almost 100 years of prohibition, Canadians can now start growing cannabis at home. Which can be relatively simple… or extremely complex. It’s up to where you learn the skills from, and how much you want to invest in your new home cultivation. Youtube can take you down some wild and crazy rabbit holes trying to learn how to grow cannabis. The local grow shops can be great, but are very biased on their own products. Learn from those with experience. Growing 4 plants at home can supply the average Canadian with AMPLE cannabis for their own medicine and nutrition. Join us Tues, Dec 18 as we go through the new regulations around growing cannabis at home, and give you an overview of the steps to get started. Our guest speaker for this event is an experienced home grower, and worked with one of Canada’s largest Cannabis producers in their grow rooms as well. Learn about: • Legalities of growing 4 cannabis plants in your home • Where (and when) you can start growing cannabis • What equipment you need (from the cheapest possible versions, to the elite setups for those serious about growing their own medicine) • Seeds vs clones. Which one is best for you… and how do you even find them in Canada now? OPTIONS for seeds and clones in the new legal environment • Your growing environment is key! Tent vs dedicated room or section of room • Nutrients – and the age-old soil vs hydro argument • Pest management options • And more There’s a LOT to learn about growing cannabis, but it can be a forgiving plant – and anyone can learn how to grow their own. NOTE: If you have never grown before, this is a fantastic overview of what you will experience, what you will need to get started, and what steps you will have to go through for optimal cannabis plants. You WILL need to learn more and we will offer you options for step-by=step guidance throughout your grow. You can go through trial and error, as most do. But some want to skip the mistakes most make (some common ones are expensive mistakes many make). We will give you options for both. … But the best place to START GROWING is NOW. … And the best place to learn HOW to start… is at The Cannabis Connection Meetup!

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The Cannabis Connection is a Calgary Meetup for people interested in the healing side of cannabis, marijuana, and hemp. We also cover the business opportunity side of the Cannabis revolution in Canada.

If you are at all interested in the new age of healing with this all-natural plant, and even becoming active in the business community for legalized marijuana and hemp products, this is for you.

Our monthly meet ups will have guest and experts speakers covering all aspects of the Cannabis World.

Medical professionals, business consultants, lawyers, chefs, industry, and naturopaths, along with a few surprise guests will be sharing their best practices, knowledge, and experiences in this industry.

You will have the opportunity to join us on tours of related businesses, attend educational events, go through case studies and meet firsthand those that this plant has helped heal, or employ.

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