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The city of Sacramento can be a bit bland….even boring at times……but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of activities to do in Sacramento, you just have to find them, create them and most importantly do them with like-minded individuals. The Capitol Men’s group was created exclusively for men to have an outlet to hangout and engage in fun and meaningful conversation. The result might be something simple like having something fun do during the week or even meeting men that eventually become friends. It's totally up those who show up.

This group is designed for men that are:

New to this city
Trying to get away from the wife or kid(s) for a few
Looking for an outlet of male influence or company
Looking to meet new friends
Looking to meet new people
Looking for something new to do
Looking to do specific activities with
Looking to engage in friendly debate or competition amongst men

If you're a man that often says to himself:

“I need more mature friends”
“This city is boring”
“I need new friends”
“I wish there was more to do in this city”
"Nobody likes to do the things that I like to do"

This might be the right Social Group for you.

This Group will provide social Events pertaining to:

Morning Coffee socials
5k run meetups
Beer or drink socials
Movie night events and discussions
Topic Discussions
Gatherings to attend local events
Basketball park meetups
Open to new ideas

Lastly I would like to add this group is geared for the more seasoned professional male type. There is no age group to this group but just be prepared to be around mature goal orientated men. No disrespect to anyone's sexual preference but this group is initially created with the straight male in mind. Let's have some fun.

IG: capitol_mens_group

Past events (17)

Topic/Book Discussion on David Goggins


The New Year's 5K Run (Only $15)

Granite Beach, Folsom Lake

Morning Coffee Social/Book Swap


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