What we're about

The Center for Conscious Spiritual Maturity

Conscious = purposefully alert
Spiritual = unbiased reality
Maturity = response rather than reaction

Through this meetup group we offer:

1. Darshan

2. Satsang

3. Meditation

4. Workshops

5. Discussion Get Togethers

The Center for Conscious Spiritual Maturity has been created to provide the greater
Los Angeles community with a permanent and dedicated center where genuine and
profound spiritual transmission is continually offered through Darshan, Satsang and Meditation.
Dancing, yoga, singing, chanting, art creation, reiki ~~all forms of meditation are to given expression.

~~"Darshan is literally the "regard of the master," when someone who has mastered him or herself
looks at you and communicates either verbally or silently about the real you - to you.
Satsang is a meeting in love of seekers, in search of the divine."~~ Swami Premodaya

Secondly, our mission is to help dissolve practical duality by practicing truth in the "material world." The Center will host conferences, workshops, seminars and conversations with business leaders, military and government leaders, educational
facilities and academic thought-leaders, correctional departments and any and all others who wish to discuss paths to non-duality~~that which erases the perceived separation between the spiritual and material world. Our facility will host full video recording and webcast capabilities which will allow us to share events with the world!

And we are on the path to achieving that goal!
As of December 2011, The Center has hosted Satsang and is actively
moving toward the moment when we are able to establish our permanent home. Support is growing--
many teachers are expressing interest and enthusiasm, spiritual seekers are finding us and attending meetings.

We welcome your love and participation and look forward to sharing with you.

Come to explore the truth with friends in sacred space!

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