What we're about

We share homemade food, and a love of cooking, while making new friends and having great fun!
Since 2009, whether sharing appetizers and drinks as a professional musician performs, sampling ethnic delights or celebrating Memorial Day beneath live oaks in an historic park, we bring together amazing food and fun people.
We meet at private homes, parks and community centers to share food and laughter.   
Volunteer hosts set the boundaries for the individual event they host. Sometimes they host at a public park or public venue, rather than their home.  Because of this, neither a small kitchen, living space, or a desire for personal privacy, is a reason that one can't be a volunteer host.

Join us, if the following fits you.
First - This is a foodie group.  The food we share is HOME-MADE, never store, bakery or restaurant bought. 
Second - Those who RSVP to attend, and can't, will modify their RSVP to no, at least 72 hours in advance of the function time.  This allows the host to plan, and provides time for anyone wait-listed to attend the event. Yes, things come up and life interferes.  Do your best. 
Third - Because we often meet in private homes, all joining members must have a recognizable facial image and legal name in their profile.

Upcoming events (3)

Full Corn Moon Party

Needs a location

During harvest season, come for a corn moon / full moon party. Bring your favorite corn dish. Play with the theme and bring something creative. There will be moonshine, and perhaps mooncakes.

Post in the comment section what you're bringing. For those who decide later, see what others have posted they are bringing. Then pick a complimentary dish, or one that you note as missing.

Close to the date, we will send out the address of our volunteer host, to those who RSVP "yes." As always, please do not RSVP unless you are certain you can come. If plans change, please change your RSVP accordingly. This helps the host plan and ensures everyone that wants to join, can.

Members came up with 28 suggestions for our 2022 events. If you don't see one that inspires you reach out to the volunteer host, so it can be added.

Practice Thanksgiving

Needs a location

Let's have a practice Thanksgiving. Prepare a holiday dish and test it on us.

Bring a homemade side dish, appetizer or dessert, and join us for an early Thanksgiving meal.

This gives the opportunity to enjoy a meal, camaraderie, and to get new recipes to use at Thanksgiving and for other festive occasions.

Please update your RSVP, at least 3 days before the function, to no, if you will be unable to attend, so those on the wait list can attend.

Holiday or Heritage Food

Needs a location

We'll be in The Holidays so let's celebrate by preparing holiday foods from one's heritage or religion. Please bring an appetizer, side dish, main course or dessert, and let me know what you will bring once you've decided. I will prepare potato latkes and serve with applesauce and sour cream.

Our themes are either holiday foods or foods from one's heritage or religion*.

Past events (147)

Meet for grilled meat!

Needs a location

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