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Green building projects:
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Green building? Is anyone in this community interested in building a ‘net zero” home, micro house or green renovation in the area? I am considering it and think it would interesting to hear other people’s stories of what worked well. Especially interested in alternative energy projects.

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The Charleston Permaculture Guild is a coalition of individuals learning, teaching, and implementing permaculture in and around Charleston, South Carolina.

Our mission is to connect people of the Charleston community with shared values and goals in meeting our needs with resilience within the boundaries of local and regional climate, human and natural resources.

Permaculture is a permanent culture rooted in a conscious and ethical design process that focuses on providing for our need for nutritious healthy food, clean water, energy, shelter, transportation and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable and regenerative way.

We hope you’ll find the Charleston Permaculture Guild a constructive network to help share permaculture knowledge, experiences and observations with the Charleston community.

We look forward to supporting your endeavors as we work together to shape our community along healthy, sustainable and regenerative lines.

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