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IDEAS FOR 4TH JULY LETS PLAN SOMETHING .$3.00 pp will be collected at door
Tonya is our grill person I need help setting up I have a bad foot so let me hear from you I will collect $3.00 pp to buy meat .I am rewriting this I will buy all the meat and everyone else can bring all the sides and buns.Select and add what your bringing to share put it in reply section .Please do not be cheap about bringing food like 1 bag potato chip wont cut mustard ,You know what I mean generous is better Also please bring your own wine on more then 1 occasion I saw people who bought nothing to drink and drink wine other guest bought not right .Wine is inexpensive bring your own if you like it please.Not fair to members who bring there own bottles .Dont be CHEAP Dont take advantage . Menu Potato Salad (Tonya ) Cole Slaw Fresh Corn, Butter (Mary Rita ) Baked Southern Beans (Vernalisa) Pickles and Pickle Chips (Venalisa) Hot Dog Rolls 2 packages (Bill and Andy )\ 2 packages Hot Dog Buns 2 Hamburger Buns 2 Hamburger Buns 2 Packages Sliced Cheese for cheeseburgers Condiments Relish ,Mustard ,Mayo ,Ketchup they have a 4 pack . Platter of Sliced Tomatoes ,Onions Lettuce for hamburgers,( Also please bring your own wine on more then 1 occasion I saw people who bought nothing to drink and drink wine other guest bought not right .Wine is inexpensive bring your own if you like it please. 2 big bags ice Watermelon Mixed Fruit Platter Soft Drinks Ice Tea Lemonade 4 cases Water 2 bags Charcoal . CHIPS DIPS salsa, potato chips etc. Desserts Tonya ? Vernalisa Orange cream sickle Cake What did I miss ????Need suggestions and ideas .

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Welcome everyone here is what we are all about

Theme Dinners Dinning Out, Cooking and Baking Classes ,Walking Food Tours and the list goes on... This group does anything and everything culinary related. I am a professional chef and hold all types of events from professional cooking classes to informal cooking events at my home. We dine out at high end restaurants, as well as restaurants that offer $20 all you can drink brunches. I am not elitist - good food is good food - no matter the ambience!!! I love exploring International cuisines - here you will get to explore the cuisines of the world - from Suriname to Kenya!!! I try to hold a large variety of events so there is something for everyone - no matter what your budget or culinary interest is!!!

A quick glance at our events calender will show that our group has hosted backyard BBQs, pool parties, Fine Dining, internationally-themed dinner parties, eclectic cooking demonstrations, special Happy Hours and many other -themed events...

When we email you an invitation, you can ignore it or answer Yes or No, and we expect you to follow through. If you answer Yes and don't show,.I understand that emergencies happen, but if you keep CANCELING LAST MINUTE I will delete your membership

If you would like to attend but the RSVP list is full please put yourself on the Waiting List! There are typically cancellations as the event date nears & you could be the lucky winner to be attending the event. Please make sure to check your e-mail the last 24 hours before the event as there are typically many cancellations & those on the wait list will be moved up automatically onto the Attending list.

As this is a dining event PLEASE RSVP with integrity as space is limited & it's not fair to others or the venue to do a last minute cancellation. Last minute cancellations (meaning after the event closes) count as NO SHOWS & its 2 strikes you're out of out the group.

Disclaimer: Host/organizer of this event is an unpaid volunteer. All participants agree to assume 100% responsibility for their own portion of the bill, safety, conduct, well-being & solely agree to participate upon their own accord. When you RSVP 'Yes', it shall be conclusively presumed that you understand & agree to this policy.

Cooking has been my lifelong passion. I studied under the "Masters" at the world-renowned French Culinary Institute and was Chef to New York's Rich & Famous for many many years. My web-page is one of the most popular "party-planning & holiday entertaining" sites on the internet. ( ( ( ( (

Welcome to my Chef's Table...

Bon Appetite!

Come visit my party web site . ( ( ( ( (

~Always remember to RSVP with credibility, honesty and integrity~
Members Rules Please Read
Dear Members:
To protect your special Meetup membership, please respect Meetup cancellation deadlines with all our The Chefs Table activities activities and inform us at the very latest one day before events, should you change your mind not to attend. Thank you.I delete NO SHOWS no excuses .
the new "rules of participation":
If you RSVP for an event that requires that you bring a dish to share, and you do not cook, didn’t have time to make something, etc., the super markets sell pre-made platters of fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat, desserts, etc., at reasonable prices. Or, stop at KFC, or a pizza place on your way to the event and pick-up one of these as your contribution to share with everyone. Repeat offenders will be excluded from the group and removed from the e-mail list.
Water is always welcome; however, it is not an acceptable substitute for a "required" food contribution. The majority of our Members bring water or another beverage and food to share. And, if you bring a beverage that you do not wish to share with the group, please, please, put you name on the bottle(s), can(s), etc. If you do not, please don’t complain that others have consumed your beverage(s).
Participant fees MUST be paid at the time of arrival – even if you arrive late. Anyone who refuses to pay – even if you have brought a food and/or drink contribution, will be asked to leave. Once again, the majority of our Members play by the rules, but some do not and/or have made negative comments to the person collecting the money about this requirement. Repeat offenders will be excluded from the group and removed from the e-mail list.
Let’s all get "on-board" and play by the rules!
My sincere thanks for your favorable consideration and participation.

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