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Theme Dinners Dinning Out, Cooking and Baking Classes ,Walking Food Tours and the list goes on... This group does anything and everything culinary related. I am a professional chef and hold all types of events from professional cooking classes to informal cooking events at my home. We dine out at high end restaurants, as well as restaurants that offer $20 all you can drink brunches. I am not elitist - good food is good food - no matter the ambience!!! I love exploring International cuisines - here you will get to explore the cuisines of the world - from Suriname to Kenya!!! I try to hold a large variety of events so there is something for everyone - no matter what your budget or culinary interest is!!!

A quick glance at our events calendar will show that our group has hosted backyard BBQs, pool parties, Fine Dining, internationally-themed dinner parties, eclectic cooking demonstrations, special Happy Hours and many other -themed events...

When we email you an invitation, you can ignore it or answer Yes or No, and we expect you to follow through. If you answer Yes and don't show,.I understand that emergencies happen, but if you keep CANCELING LAST MINUTE I will delete your membership.Please try and come to a meet up within 30 days of joining us thank you ,

As this is a dining event PLEASE RSVP with integrity as space is limited & it's not fair to others or the venue to do a last minute cancellation. Last minute cancellations (meaning after the event closes) count as NO SHOWS & its 2 strikes you're out of out the group. All participants agree to assume 100% responsibility for their own portion of the bill, safety, condu

Disclaimer: Host/organizer of this event is an unpaid volunteer.

Cooking has been my lifelong passion. I studied under the "Masters" at the world-renowned French Culinary Institute and was Chef to New York's Rich & Famous for many many years. My web-page is one of the most popular "party-planning & holiday entertaining" sites on the internet. (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/

Welcome to my Chef's Table...

Bon Appetite!

Come visit my party web site . (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) (http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/) http://www.vernalisapartypage.com/

~Always remember to RSVP with credibility, honesty and integrity~

My sincere thanks for your favorable consideration and participation.

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Out of Africa Marrakech Chicken Stew With Preserved Lemon and Olives

A EXOTIC NORTHERN AFRICAN DINNER . Marrakech Chicken Stew with Preserved Lemon and Olives This pungent, fragrant chicken stew is not for the weak of palate. Radiating the aromas of toasted cumin and coriander, and spiked with the salty-sour pucker of cured lemons and olives, it produces a heady and exotic effect. Side dishes and dessert This wonderful dinner will be a first for me please come and enjoy $15.00 PP Paid in advance limited seating. Everyone bring a wine from Africa Checks to me Verna lisa Castillo 3887 Placita Del Lazo Las Vegas,NV 89120

Sunday Fall Potluck Brunch


How wonderful the weather will be let us get together sit outside for some great brunch food, hot coffee and some Bloody Marys ,Mimosa,Will need orange juice ,champagne ,vodka tomato juice .Plus your breakfast dish to share Bagels cream cheese ,croissants muffin's potato dishes egg dishes bacon sausages etc.Please add what you will bring to share.

Our annual Family Thanksgiving Dinner



I love this holiday and we make it a real family dinner everyone must bring some thing Add below in comments Who is cooking or donating the turkeys ????$3.00 pay at door to help with clean up rental

Christmas P.J. Brunch Mistletoe and Holly



Love the season really gets me in the mood for Santa Same as last year everyone please bring Brunch Dish to share add in reply what your making we need everything .Plus $3.00 cover rentals and clean up. Menu +++++++ Bacon Ham Sausage Egg Casseroles Del ivied Eggs French Toast Casserole Breakfast Potatoes Quiches Lox Cream Cheese 2 pound Butter Kerrygold only Orange Juice Tomato Juice Vodka Muffins Bagels Croissants Coffee Cake Rum Cake Donuts 3 cases water. Exchange Gift $10.00 its so fun doing this Wear your cute Santa PJ WIN A PRIZE

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Baja Miguel’s at South Point - Lunch Aug 15 correct date

South Point Hotel Casino & Spa

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