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Come join us kayaking ! If you are kayaking -even on apparently warm sunny days-please always dress for water immersion, not the balmy air temperature; even though getting dunked is never expected, but it happens to everyone! Getting tossed in cold water in the early spring Bay waters is a BIG safety concern.

Here’s the Guide to Cold water paddling gear written by Moulton Avery of National Center for Cold Water Safety (https://www.facebook.com/coldwatersafety/?fref=mentions&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAROY5l2ZAJnhXF9uxRXCH_cCz5_OTUGmEKOPnOaY_zh2O-g5_slRI8OM3tU9u6Ku18B7NL4zuY0TnQpZQcxsT3gYP6Q33mIHmKu_eAlhZPZDPyMGFHxDKIaPiyAOWPmNSwZ_an4oN_A9KoNlvsAnRRLDelkCqiILc3gzJtV_9hF8B5qCkugGgY-DFW3UOgbRp0M9jVgnSBGh090uMgYlIUNnPHSZNzjN3layvh0--o8SuvcuW_OwAqi7822xQgShuEEQYropMuys8vgS-ePoqhDQfvViIckF8cztstoEScKTXNFy4sxpHBJ4A6SuM1rtfKRan20NGI9YzHSIzt4TxGXkt3mJ3G48IPKePt4fv5waabgS4T5yxFip-3kpZOt8swVnTXhb8ZxpjaFhKxjZjQUK2ADyhvos7j6VJfe13xGtgGcglDmiX_QhOuVGWB8E0KO5x8pGxFrWi_UVVDx4qQxIcRuzbhDDWRLEjEvyj6Nq3UOpwQM729&__tn__=K-R). If you have any questions, please ask for advice. For safety's sake: Paddle with a friend !


Chesapeake Paddlers Association is an registered 503 C(4) non-profit organization. This is a sea-kayaking club with lots of volunteer leaders - who enjoy getting out on the water in sea-kayaks, and to share fun times, their knowledge and experience.

Please note that CPA is primarily a sea kayaking club. So, Sea kayaks are generally around 16 feet or longer and 24″ or less in width, which they are designed to track straight and be relatively fast. Wearing a spray skirt, for most sea kayaks, is an essential component, not an optional accessory.

While all are welcome to join, people with shorter, wider kayaks may find their boats unsuitable for many CPA trips if they may have difficulty keeping up to speed over the miles.

Please consider joining one of several local mid-week -groups (known as Piracies) for casual paddling opportunities- they are active usually May through early Fall, schedules and locations vary. During the prime kayaking season, our many volunteer trip leaders post on the Meet Up Calendar to lead lots of weekend, day trip, and weekend camping-kayaking opportunities.

Trips may vary in length -from 10-13-20 miles, and occasionally there are shorter outings for newer kayakers. The Kent Island Paddle (KIP) Series offers monthly opportunities for practice on open water conditions on the Chesapeake Bay, and long distance paddling training together, with the final goal to completely circum-navigate via kayak in one day, the 34 miles around Kent Island.

Typically, CPA MEMBERS do not have rental nor provide loaner kayaks. CPA is not an outfitter, nor offers certification instructors. Sea -kayaks or Touring kayaks for use on the open water can vary between 14-18 feet in length; members provide their own gear for almost every activity.

The mission of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association is to promote safe sea kayaking and safe paddling practices through the education of the local sea kayaking community and the interested public. Club activities may include, but are not limited to, instructional kayak trips, instructional kayak camping trips, instructional workshops, and any other activities consistent with the mission that members of the club wish to organize.

CPA has many events during the warmer months- specifically the regular mid-week-after-work gatherings - called Piracies- please check the Meetup calendar and website. Some educational workshops -Basic Sea Kayaking SK101 is offered once a year in mid-spring. A full on-the-water weekend to practice basic kayak training & skills, known as SK102 is offered once a year in early May.

The casual kayaking groups meet weekly - weather dependent - at many different launch locations and offer casual short distance paddle opportunities, and are not organized as trip-leader trips. On weekends, many volunteer trip leaders will post longer distance day trips, as well as occasional longer weekend camping/kayaking trips to many locations around the Chesapeake Bay area. The club has been around since 1988 - growing from the shared love of getting out on the water in skinny boats !

Please find out more on the CPA website: www.CPAKAYAKER.COM.

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