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8 dicembre: Caffè, chiacchiere, e più!!!!
Parleremo soltanto in italiano nel bellissimo Caffè Charmers a 1500 Jarvis (dai un'occhiata qui: Order your snacks and beverages and ask the barista for our Italian Meetup table. *Etichetta "RSVP": se hai confermato la tua partecipazione (hai marcato RSVP Yes), ma infine non potrai venire al meetup, tu devi annullare subito la tua confermazione (marchi [RVSP NO]). La CORTESIA è d'obbligo. FIRST TIMERS - YOUR RSVP - LIMITED SEATS. Change your RSVP to NO immediately if you change your plans and are not coming. Or inform the organizer a.s.a.p. NO-SHOWS are monitored and result in membership suspension. Thanks. Se avete delle domande, contattar a Augusto (sono io, l'organizzatore): [masked]

Charmers Cafe

1500 W Jarvis Ave · Chicago, IL

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    What we're about

    So you'd like to join our awesome group? Un attimo, per piacere!!

    Hold on a second, please read!!

    • We meet so we can speak in Italian, and only in Italian.

    • New members that are beginners usually learn fast and after a few meetups they are able to keep a simple conversation going. For this reason, we keep any interactions made in English at a level of zero or almost zero. Listening-to-only-Italian is an excellent way to acquire proficiency in the language.

    • We are friendly people who enjoy socializing, we are nice, we love fun.

    • Consideration and respect for all other fellow members is a must.

    • Plan to attend your first meetup in two months after joining, tops.

    • For the sake of efficiency, only active members are kept (i.e., members that participate regularly in our activities). Inactive members will eventually be dismissed from the group.

    • Mind your RSVP, always. First timers and new members: your NO-SHOWS result in membership cancellation. La cortesia è sempre d'obbligo!!

    • Please, don't join just to be a NO-SHOW in your first meetup. You won't leave a good impression (regardless of how nice a person you know you actually are), and you will also summarily lose your membership to this group.

    Grazie, e ci vediamo presto!!

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