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The Chicago.NET Users Group (CNUG) was founded in March 2001. The group’s vision is to provide members with a forum to hear top industry experts speak, learn and teach others who are interested in the same technologies as you and are facing the same challenges. The Chicago .NET Users Group covers the entire spectrum of .NET technologies, including the web, desktop, mobile and cloud - tools, frameworks and patterns.

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The Docker Talk


The trend in web application deployment is toward automated deployment. A central figure in this trend is Docker and containers. But what is Docker and how does it relate to containers? What is a container? This talk will give an introduction to what a container is and its benefits over traditional deployment technologies. At the end of the talk, the audience should understand basic Docker/container terminology and be able to deploy a simple CRUD app w/ ASP.NET Core on Digital Ocean. About the speaker Paul Ebreo is a Django developer and former Sr. QA who has recently fallen in love with C# and the .NET Core ecosystem. He enjoys full stack development and devops. As a former QA lead and a Django developer, Paul has seen software development from “both sides”, that is, from the end-to-end testing side and the coding/debugging side. Because of his experience with the entire stack, Paul is comfortable writing and debugging frontend and backend code. You can find his projects at: https://github.com/paulebreo Talk details from the speaker: This presentation will cover the key topics of VMs, containers, images, containers and volumes. We will begin with comparing and contrasting traditional Virtual machines and containers. I will demonstrate the difference in concept and performance between a virtual machine and a Docker container. Next, I'll introduce the concept of images and how to create images using the Dockerfile. After that I'll demonstrate how to create a ASP.NET Core image and run a container based on that image. I'll also make sure to demonstrate version controlling images. Finally, I'll deploy the image on a $5 server on Digital Ocean. Agenda: 6:00 PM: Refreshments and networking hour 7:00 PM: The Docker Talk 8:30 PM: Q&A and wrap-up

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