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The trend in web application deployment is toward automated deployment.
A central figure in this trend is Docker and containers.
But what is Docker and how does it relate to containers? What is a container?
This talk will give an introduction to what a container is and its benefits over traditional deployment technologies. At the end of the talk, the audience should understand basic Docker/container terminology and be able to deploy a simple CRUD app w/ ASP.NET Core on Digital Ocean.

About the speaker

Paul Ebreo is a Django developer and former Sr. QA who has recently fallen in love with C# and the .NET Core ecosystem.
He enjoys full stack development and devops. As a former QA lead and a Django developer, Paul has seen software development from “both sides”, that is, from the end-to-end testing side and the coding/debugging side.
Because of his experience with the entire stack, Paul is comfortable writing and debugging frontend and backend code.
You can find his projects at:

Talk details from the speaker:
This presentation will cover the key topics of VMs, containers, images, containers and volumes.
We will begin with comparing and contrasting traditional Virtual machines and containers. I will demonstrate the difference in concept and performance between a virtual machine and a Docker container. Next, I'll introduce the concept
of images and how to create images using the Dockerfile. After that I'll demonstrate how to create a ASP.NET Core image and run a container based on that image. I'll also make sure to demonstrate version controlling images. Finally, I'll deploy the image on a $5 server on Digital Ocean.

6:00 PM: Refreshments and networking hour
7:00 PM: The Docker Talk
8:30 PM: Q&A and wrap-up