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Kierkegaard: Concluding Unscientific Postscript (Week 13)
The Concluding Unscientific Postscript to the Philosophical Fragments is, as its name suggests, the sequel to Philosophical Fragments and is published under the pseudonym Johannes Climacus, but also credits Kierkegaard as Editor. The work criticizes the limits of Hegelian Philosophy so far as it attempts to comprehend faith, as well as other traditions of 'approximating' to faith. It also discusses at length the subjective characteristics of truth. In this work, Kierkegaard also confesses to having been the writer behind all of the pseudonymous works. Text Download: (EPUB) About the Kierkegaard series: The quite ambitious plan is to read all of Kierkegaard's works in the first period of his authorship (through his Postscript). If there is interest we will continue to whatever works after that the group wants to read. Works Read up to this meeting: Either/Or (Victor Eremita, et al.), Two Upbuilding Discourses (Kierkegaard), Fear and Trembling (Johannes de Silentio), Repetition (Constantin Constantius), Three Upbuilding Discourses (Kierkegaard), Four Upbuilding Discourses (Kierkegaard), Two Upbuilding Discourses (Kierkegaard), Three Upbuilding Discourses (Kierkegaard), Philosophical Fragments (Johannes Climacus), Johannes Climacus or De Omnibus Dubitandum Est (Johannes Climacus), Concept of Anxiety (Vigilius Haufniensis), Prefaces (Nicolaus Notabene), Writing Sampler (A.B.C.D.E.F. Godthaab), Four Upbuilding Discourses (Kierkegaard), Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions (Kierkegaard), Stages on Life's Way (Hilarious Bookbinder). Reading Schedule (tentative): Week 1 Up to §2 The Church (Danish page 24) Week 2 Up to Part Two The Subjective Issue, The Subjective Individual's... (Danish page 47) Week 3 Up to 3. Lessing has said that contingent historical truths... (Danish page 74) Week 4 Up to Section II The Subjective Issue, or How Subjectivity... (Danish page 104) Week 5 Up to second half of Chapter I Becoming Subjective (Danish page 132) Week 6 Up to Chapter II Subjective Truth, Inwardness; Truth... (Danish page 157) Week 7 Up to second half of Chapter II Subjective Truth, Inwardness... (Danish page 185) Week 8 Up to Appendix A Glance at a Contemporary Effort in Danish... (Danish page 212) Week 9 Up to second half of Appendix A Glance at a Contemporary... (Danish page 235) Week 10 Up to Chapter III Actual Subjectivity, Ethical Subjectivity... (Danish page 258) Week 11 Up to §3 The Contemporaneity of the Particular Elements... (Danish page 298) Week 12 Up to Chapter IV The Issue in Fragments: How Can an Eternal... (Danish page 313) Week 13 Up to A Pathos (Danish page 336) Week 14 Up to §2 The Essential Expression of Existential Pathos... (Danish page 375) Week 15 Up to second third of §2 The Essential Expression... (Danish page 401) Week 16 Up to last third of §2 The Essential Expression... (Danish page 426) Week 17 Up to §3 The Decisive Expression of Existential Pathos... (Danish page 458) Week 18 Up to B The Dialectical (Danish page 490) Week 19 Up to Chapter V Conclusion (Danish page 511) Week 20 Up to Appendix An Understanding with the Reader(Danish page 537) Week 21 Finish Book

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"Philosophy is not a theory but an activity."
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Discourse cheers us to companionable
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wind of the matter.
-- from "On the Experience of Thinking," Heidegger

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