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Have you had a spiritual experience? Meet other people who have had experiences like you!

• Dreams
• Past-life recall/sense that you’ve lived before
• Out-of-body (near-death/Soul Travel)
• Seeing an inner light
• Hearing an inner sound
• Inner guide–angel, spiritual teacher, voice
• Experience meaningful coincidences/déjà vu
• Strong sense of Divine love or expanded awareness
• An experience with a loved one who has passed
• Strong sense of connection with all life
• Intuition (inner knowingness)

Find out what these experiences can mean. Discover techniques to help you explore your inner worlds!

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Have you had a profound spiritual experience? A vivid dream, an out of body experience, a vision of Light or Sound? Want to learn more about it? Check out this YouTube video of ordinary people from around the world talking about their spiritual experiences.


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Check out ECKANKAR’s exciting new blog. This blog is for you, the spiritual seeker. You’ll find a wide range of articles to answer your spiritual questions and inspire you to lead the most fulfilling of lives. Many of the articles are written by Harold Klemp, a spiritual teacher with tens of thousands of students around the world. He is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and spiritual leader of ECKANKAR.

“You are Soul. It is the real you. You are a timeless, deathless spark of God—in love, strength, and beauty—upheld by the always present Light and Sound, the Holy Spirit.”

—Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Life

You will also find articles by members of ECKANKAR, who share their stories about how the ECK teachings have helped them in their lives. Students of ECKANKAR report having profound inner spiritual experiences that bring healing, balance, peace, and more love into their lives.

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The ECK community is worldwide. In addition to the activity on this blog, you can visit classes and events in many countries around the world. Click here to find a location near you (http://www.eckankar.org/ekcenters.html) The Chicagoland Spiritual Experiences Group local events are sponsored by ECKANKAR in Illinois (Illinois Satsang Society).

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