What we're about

About CNG? A meetup group, where passionate people who believe in the power of investing in Real Estate, can connect and learn from Chin & Nam, also other people's experiences.

CNG's passion and mission? 1) To help you become better Real Estate Investors and also save time, money and stress because "it is cheaper to learn from other people's experiences".

Why attend CNG? To learn from truly wealthy and successful Real Estate Investors, without paying a high price.

Why CNG is different? Not a seminar/workshop. You get the real deal, we show you from practical experience how to invest successfully, over the long term.

Benefits from CNG? 1) Free mentoring. 2) Gain practical experience, also seeing real properties get renovated. 3) Access to Chin & Nam's Real Estate Investment Network.

What CNG is NOT about? Do not believe in "get rich quick" - there's no such thing. That's another way to "get poor quick". You are not going to find a magic pill or secret formula and become a multi-millionaire overnight.

Interesting topics/discussions are including but not limited to:

1) How to still find and get good properties in good location in today's market?

2) How to have vision and a plan, with profitable investment properties?

3) How to add more value in investment properties, through design and renovation?

4) How to do lease and management effectively?

5) How to know if the property makes sense and makes money in good times or bad times?

Nam Phung Biography

Nam Phung arrived to Canada from the refugee camp in 1987. He started high school in Canada with very little knowledge in English language. Working part time to support himself from high school through university. His formal education includes a degree from York University in Business Administration Studies and major in Accounting. Nam has worked as a senior Accountant and Financial Analysis through his career.

Nam start to investing in Real Estate for the past 13 years. He acquires one property at the time primarily in downtown Toronto. He manages the estimating construction, trades and handle the ongoing property management and maintenance. Nam has build the key relationship with the supplier and trades. He holds his Real Estate license with Keller William Real Estate Association in Mississauga.

For the past 13 years Nam has created $12 Million portfolio through Real Estate, and also help many people to achieve the financial goal.

Daniel Chin Biography

Daniel Chin, founder of Chin Properties, began his real estate investing business based on two things - passion and belief.

In 2012 Daniel acquired his first duplex in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. As of 2017, he owns six properties and manages seventeen high quality multi-family apartments, twelve of which he owns. With a portfolio of over 2.6 million, his passion still burns bright.

Daniel's drive for growth keeps him moving forward. He continues to expand his portfolio through acquisition, design, renovation, leasing and management, while taking great pride in improving properties and the lives of those who he helps along the way.

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